Artistic Ramblings

This paper is a stream-of-consciousness essay that discusses various topics in art history: The Kreeger collection, Impressionism, 19th century Paris and Claude Monet.

The Kreeger Museum features a collection that was a joint effort by Carmen and David Kreeger, a collection started in 1959 and continued over a period of 15 years. The collectors showed a preference for coloristic richness and texture. There are nine Monet paintings in the collection, presented in a show at the museum in Washington, D.C. after the museum opened its doors in 1994. Claude Monet was one of the most important of the artists who developed the Impressionist movement. Monet experimented with the effects of atmosphere and light, and what concerned him more and more were the techniques required to effect a direct transcription of visual sensation to the canvas. His works show a variety in subject matter and technique while also reflecting the deepest concerns of the artist in a consistent fashion: …
Neither his choices of subject nor his modes of seeing,