Ancient Minoan Crete Art

Emphasizes paintings in context of Minoan civilization & Minoan impact on Ancient Greek culture.

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This report will discuss some of the characteristics of the art–particularly the paintings–of ancient Minoan Crete. It will seek to relate these to what we know or can infer about other aspects of Minoan civilization, and will inquire into the Minoan roots of later Western civilization.
The Minoan civilization of prehistoric Crete lies as a great question mark beneath the foundations of Western civilization. Of Minoan history we know almost nothing at all: the Egyptians left only a handful of oblique references to the Keftiu, and from the Minoans themselves we have only some tablets inscribed in Linear All–written in no known language–and (from the last period of Minoan civilization) some others inscribed in Linear B. These can be read; they are in an early form of Greek. Alas, they record no history or poetry, but only data processing.