Amalgamated Bean Coffee

Amalgamated Bean Coffee (ABC) that is known as Café Coffee Day (CCD) was a privately held company. Café Coffee Day was formed by V.G. Siddhartha in India in 1996. The primary purpose of the founder was to develop the coffee culture in India where a strong tea culture existed. It is remarkable that V.G. Siddhartha came from a coffee planted family who owned 350 acres of Karnataka hills near Bangalore, the site was also known as the “coffee land” in India.
Café Coffee Day opened its first café in 1995 in Bangalore’s downtown. After its initial success, CCD has endeavored to expand its café nationally. By April 2013, Café Coffee Day became a clear leader achieved over 60% in the coffee chain market by having 1,469 café including “lounges” and “squares”, 1,000 Xpress kiosks, 450 Fresh and Ground retail outlets, and 22,000 vending machines in over 200 cities nation-wide. As a result of its modeled and focused strategy, the company has built its strong position and became one of the most trusted brands in the Food and Beverage segment. In the same year, the company was one of the largest coffee exporters in the country.
CCD was performing up to the mark until January 2012, when Starbucks entered the Indian market as the second attempt through its 50:50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages. Starbucks Coffee Company was founded by Howard Schultz, who bought Starbucks in 1987 for US$3.8 million, The acquisition included a coffee roasting facility along with six retail stores. By September 2012, Starbucks was the largest coffee chain company in the world, owning over 18,000 outlets across 62 countries. Tata Global Beverages was the world’s second largest branded tea. The established joint venture with Tata was enable Starbucks to make a new blend of espresso roast for the Indian market. By October 2012, the Starbucks Company opened its first coffee store in India and by April 2013; Starbucks had 11 stores in different famous and busy cities of India.