Adolescent Suicide

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Adolescent Suicide

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In-depth study of adolescent suicide among minorities.

This paper studies the research available on the problem of suicide among minority youth. The paper looks at the possible causes of suicide, methods of prevention, risk factors, characteristics of people with suicidal tendencies, gender differences in suicide attempts, and a host of other pertinent aspects. The paper also dispels some of the myths surrounding the causes of suicide and considers the question of whether suicide can, at times, be acceptable.

Discussion of Adolescent Suicide in General
Theories of Minority Suicide
Risk Factors
Economic Status
Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues
Time, Season, Weather, and Suicide
Protective Factors
Preventing Suicide
“One innovative theory on the subject of minority suicide is that, the complexity of suicide from the logical point of view remains unsettled. Neither common sense nor clinical psychopathology has established a fundamental or even a firmly experiential solution. Freud had made a similar declaration in 1918 in abridging a psychoanalytic conference on suicide in Vienna. Theories of suicide have not undergone enough magnification. Maybe the most that has been accomplished in the last twenty years has been a more happy unification of the sociologic and psychoanalytic information, as well as, augmented recognition that suicide is more a number of conditions than a separate psychologic entity.”