Abuse Of Elderly

Examines the causes, age group most vulnerable, types of abuse, social & economic aspects, nursing homes, home care and recommendations.

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In recent years, the problem of child abuse–long hidden behind closed doors and ignored by the public–has come to the forefront of public attention. So, tool, have other problems of domestic violence and abuse, such as wife-beating. But there is another category of abuse within the household that has, as yet, attracted little attention. This is abuse of the elderly. Yet the elderly are the fastest-growing segment of the American popula-tion. This report will discuss the problem of abuse of the elderly. It will show that it is an issue of growing importance, both because of the increasing numbers of the elderly and because of other demographic and social factors. This growth in the number of older people, along with a number of other factors which will be detailed below, suggests that abuse of the elderly may become a growing problem in the years ahead.