A Travel Narrative by Richard Mulhew

A travel log of a fictitous time traveller.

This is a creative/historical paper written. It contains a fictitious character that travels from down south to Philadelphia in 1752. Some of his stops along the way are actual events that took place during this year. The author uses a diary entry technique to allow the reader a glimpse of the fictious historical character, Richard Mulhew’s, life.
Young Richard Mulhew was Benjamin Franklins next-door neighbor during his electricity experiments. Mulhew lived next to Franklin during his most famous electrical experiment at Philadelphia in 1752 when he flew a homemade kite during a thunderstorm and proved that lightning is electricity. Mulhew, although not talked about in most historical accounts, was often in the background helping Franklin complete many of his experiments. During one of Mulhews? many trips down south, he wrote an account of the events that took place during his journey home. One of these letters was preserved and finally published for everyone to read. The following excerpts are a few of the many days that Richard Mulhew documented in the letter.