?Fahrenheit 451 society: war zone, people are stuck on reliance of technology, separated from rest of world and nature

The Hearth and the Salamander

“He flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorgin fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black.” (3) Imagery, Bradbury uses a lot of imagery to show
* 451-> symbolic helmet #. Paper burns at 451 degrees fahrenheit
* Character: Guy Montag
* Bradbury: uses a lot of show and tell, is able to use imagery and description to describe objects and actions.
* “He walked out of the fire station and along the midnight street toward the subway where the silent air-propelled train slid soundlessly down its lubricated flue in the earth and let him out with a great puff of warm air…” (4)
* Page 5-> description of new character
* Character: Clarisse McClellan
* 17
* thinks a lot, interesting, almost quirky kind of girl
* Outcast family, do things in nature, don’t like TV
* Firemen-; burn everything, Montag has been one for 10 years (is 30 now)
* Start fires
* “Houses have always been fireproof.” (8)
* Montag walks her to her house, ? learn a lot about both of the two characters
* After returning back to his home, Montag begins to think about the moment that just happened
* Montag has a salamander on his badge that is slung on his arm
* (13) Mildred’s description
* Montag’s ill wife
* Rushed to the Emergency Hospital
* Two operators: smoking cigarettes
* She will be ok, as said from the operators
– The McClellan household have their lights on late at night, claiming to be conversing/talking to one another during that time

* Montag: has a lot running through his mind
* Takes sleep lozenges
* Mildred: no remembrance of the night before
* Calls herself Helen in the play she is involved in
* $2000 is ? of yearly pay
* While Montag is out the door getting ready for work, runs into Clarisse who is on her way to see her psychiatrist.
* Montag meets the Hound again
-; representation of how technology can kill you
-Talks about his peers playing a game with the Hound, by giving it live bait and betting on it, then inserting a needle in it to take it back to its cage
-Montag does not play anymore after losing a bet
Description of the Mechanical Hound:
“It growled again, a strange rasping combination of electrical sizzle, a frying sound, a scraping of metal, a turning of cogs that seemed rusty and ancient with suspicion….”

Captain Beatty
-; phoenix on his hat
-;playing cards with the other fireman

* Montag comes to the conclusion that the Hound does not like him, in which Beatty responds saying he is always like that and does not have any preference or think for itself because it is a combination of, “copper wire, storage batteries, and electricity.”

* Montag claims that someone could have programed the Hound because it is only run on electricity to not like him, which Beatty doubts but agrees to look into it with the technicians
* thinks about the Hound and pities it for it has no mind of its own and only listens to the firemen and does a specific job

* Clarisse is seen by Montag on several days doing different things, like knitting a blue sweater, putting bouquets of flowers on his porch, or chestnuts, or pining autumn leaves to his door
-When they talk, Montag is asked why he does not have children in which he responds saying Mildred never wanted any
– Clarisse says old leaves smell like cinnamon
– She gives insight on why people think she’s antisocial/abnormal, believing that people do not think for themselves and are afraid of everything. They do not talk about real/different situations, because they do not believe in responsibility. “…nobody says anything different from anyone else… All abstract… a long time back sometimes pictures said things or even showed people.”

* A fireman in Seattle set his Mechanical Hound in his complex and let it loose… “what kind of a suicide would you call that?”
* 7 days: Clarisse is missing and Montag feels empty

1:35 Thursday Morning: Nov 4th
* Montag realizes the similarities between all the firemen/people in his workplace
– Asks Beatty about the last man who they burned his house down? was taken into an asylum for being “insane” (against them and the government)

* Montag thinks about what if firemen were doing this to them
2 Firemen: Stoneman and Black -> took out rule books and proved that Ben Franklin in 1790 put on the first fire by burning books

At the home:
-> Woman says: “Play the man Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.” 11 No. Elm City

* Reported by neighbor, Mrs. Blake

* She does not want to leave the burning books, Montag tries to get her to come with but she refuses and dies

* He hid a book under his chest? later discovers that he has stolen 20 books because of his curiosity for them

* A man named Latimer said that to Nicholas Ridley, as they were being burnt alive in Oxford of October 16, 1955

* Books have contradictory messages? make people feel inferior to one another, books were condensed because people did not have or want to spend time doing that, the idea of minorities being developed

People stopped reading by themselves.
“Fire is clean.” – Beatty
* Montag’s inability to learn is equivalent to his inability to fill a sieve w sand.
* Faber believes that Montag and him are not gonna be able to make changes to society because society stopped reading books on their own.
* He thought that wars were a concept of short time and that society cannot be “fixed” until the war implodes and destroys society to restart again.
* They believe that people are “too far gone” and everyone must be rebuilt
* They are going to reprint books and put them into the firehouses to at least stop the people who progress this idea of being lost from society.

Sand and Sieve

“They sat in the hall… yellow confetti and skyrockets…” (Page 71) imagery
“Where he stood a long time watering the rain…” (Page 72) ? Bradbury shows how Montag is in a different mood, implying his growing sadness in this curious state of mind.

* A dog is @ the door

Mildred: “Now… my family is people.” (Page 73) ? Talks about how her television is more important than the books Montag is reading and trying to show to her
? “burn the house and TV” Mildred’s first eeriness/caring about something other than her own things

* On the subway: Denham’s Dentifrice, distracts Montag from reading.

Character Intro: Faber
* Montag meets Faber and he shows him the book he has stolen.

Describes the importance of books
1. Quality of information
2. Leisure of digestion
3. Right to carry out the actions of (1 & 2)
? Faber says the only way to help the hopeless society without books is to have them planted in the fireman’s house and burn that.

* Montag rips out the pages out from a book to threaten Faber, asking for help.
* Faber explains how he remembered the olden writing but no one wanted to use that information or want to use it.

“Those who don’t build must burn.” – (Page 89)

Montag asks Faber for help on how to confront Beatty and now he is becoming more and more attached to the idea of books.
? Faber hands him an earpiece

* Montag goes home and meets two of Mildred’s friends
* The women talk about voting for the appearance of their president and not on who was more intelligent
? shows more on the society of Fahrenheit
* He reads a book to the guests, “Dover Beach.”
? Mrs. Phelps bursts into tears after hearing a passage relating to her husband leaving to the war

* Mrs. Bowles concludes from this that books make people feel sad and this is why they should be burned, saying, “Silly words, silly words, silly awful hurting words…”

* The women storm out, and Mildred gets frustrated. Montag discovers that she has been burning books in their backyard, and he questions if what he is thinking about and questioning is even correct.
* Faber tells him that he would agree if there was no war and all was right with the world.

* Montag heads over to the fire station, where he meets Beatty, who talks a lot to try to confuse Montag into believing what they all originally did together, that burning books was better than reading them, saying,
“He is no wise man that will quit a certainty for an uncertainty.’ Stick with the firemen, Montag. All else is dreary chaos!”
? Montag gets hesitant and can barely move while listening to Beatty, but Faber advises him to not be confused through the earpiece.

* Alarm goes off, and Montag, along with the rest of the firemen, head out together, and Montag discovers they have reached his own home.

Burning Bright

* Mildred runs out of the home with a suitcase, and Montag realizes that she must have called the alarm on him.
* Beatty pressures Montag and tells him to burn the house down with the flamethrower, for the Mechanical Hound is nearby.
* Montag does so, and Beatty tells that he will arrest him.
* Beatty notices Montag has the green earpiece, and hits him on the head
“What is there about fire that’s so lovely? No matter what age we are, what draws us to it? It’s perpetual motion; the thing man wanted to invent but never did.”

* Beatty steps closer to Montag as he picks up the flamethrower, and Montag burns him with it, along with the other firemen

* He is able to destroy the Mechanical Hound, but just a little late as it gets to his leg and injects its needle in him

* Now with a numb leg, Montag puts a Seashell radio in his ear and hears that there is an official hunt for him with police and the public

* He discovers a gas station, and cleans up

* A car comes speeding towards him, and for a brief moment he thought it was the police trying to kill him, when he discovers that it was a group of teenagers that could’ve killed him for no reason? this leads to his thoughts about Clarisse
* The war has been declared

* Before heading to Faber’s house, he stops in Black’s home and plants a book in it, and proceeds to call an alarm on the home

* Reaching Faber’s home, Faber tells him to follow the railroad tracks out of the town to look for camps of homeless intellectuals and tells Montag to meet him in St. Louis sometime in the future
“I always wanted something very small, something I could talk to, something I could blot out with the palm of my hand, if necessary, nothing that could shut me down, nothing monstrous big.”

Faber turns on the TV? new mechanical hound looking for Montag
* Montag takes a suitcase full of Faber’s clothes, and gives him information/help on how to get rid of his scent in this home

* Montag follows the track, listening to the radio, finding out that the public has also been determined to find him, but he luckily escapes following Faber’s plan

* As he heads down the path, he senses that Clarisse has traveled down the path as well

* He witness a group of 5 men sitting around a fire after walking down the track

Granger: Leader of homeless intellectuals

* Says that they have been watching the chase and expected Montag to wind up here with them
* He hands Montag a fluid to get the Hound off his scent

* Granger states that the media can not afford to show that they have not caught the real Montag, as the TV ends up showing that they find a man who is walking alone (who is usually targeted in scenarios like these) and the Mechanical Hound injects him, while the firemen are to the rescue
? Shows how they just hurt anyone they could see as they could not find the real Montag, fake Montag is dead

* Granger introduces Montag to the other men, former professors

* Each one of them has a different classic stored in his memory, showing their preservation of books, and Granger states that a lot of people around the world even in the society they live in, are apart of this small collection

* Montag knows the Book of Ecclesiastes, and Granger declares him as important for knowing that, the first person to appreciate Montag’s reading.
* Granger values his grandfather as he made an impact on the world
* Wants to build a mirror factory when the war is over so the people can see themselves.

What Granger Talks About:
* People read books in their society. Granger is prepared to wait because he knows that people have to want to read again. He tells Montag that they have to remember, “you’re not important.”

* Montag tells Granger he isn’t sad for Mildred leaving him, and Granger talks about his grandfather who he missed for doing things for the world.
“Grandfather’s been dead for all these years, but if you lifted my skull, by God, in the convolutions of my brain you’d find the big ridges of his thumbprint.”

* He believes that people must change but together

? When people put themselves in a situation of predominance, it creates the society they have. We have to work together and are more important to a society as a whole.

“It’s flat. City looks like a heap of baking powder. It’s gone. I wonder how many knew it was coming? I wonder how many were surprised?” –> Granger

* Jets fly across the city and bombs drop, causing an explosion and the city to basically blow up
? Suddenly, Montag remembers where he met Mildred as a flashback of her occurs: Chicago

“There was a silly damn bird called a Phoenix back before Christ, every few hundred years he built a pyre and burned himself up. But every time he burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born all over again…”
? Granger compares mankind to a phoenix, needing to be rebuilt and reborn from the ashes, as the men head on upstream toward the city.