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Fragile X Syndrome

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Fragile X Syndrome is an x-linked trait and the second most common identifiable cause of genetic mental retardation after Down syndrome (Wyndbrandt & Ludman, 2008). It is a very unpredictable and unpreventable disorder which not only touches those who suffer from it, but those around them as well. Its affect, is sometimes devastating. When analyzing Fragile X Syndrome it is crucial to examine its inheritance pattern, the genetic mutation which causes the disease, the signs and symptoms of the disorder.
Foremost, Fragile X Syndrome is caused by a break of weakness on the long arm of the X chromosome. It can be traced back to a mutation in a gene called the FMR-1 gene. With Fragile X, the FMR-1 gene is much bigger than normal where the CGG is repeated. The average number of repeats is 30 for a normal person. A carrier of fragile X will usually have 50-200 repeats. A person with Fragile X has 200 or more repeats. A person with Fragile X has a ???full mutation???. When there are so many repeats in the gene, methyl groups attach to the cytosine and turn the gene off. The gene then cannot produce any FMRP (Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein). If a person doesn??™t have the protein, they can develop mental impairment and other characteristics (Alanay, 2007).
Fragile X is estimated to occur in 1 in 1,200 males and 1 in 2,500 in females. It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. It is the most common genetic disease and is the most commonly inherited cause of learning disabilities and mental retardation, accounting for approximately 40 percent of cases with X-linked mental retardation. A screening study in a U.S. public special education population suggests that approximately 1 in 400 males receiving special education services are affected the Fragile X syndrome (Crawford, 2001). Although the Fragile X Syndrome occurs in both male and females, females have usually milder symptoms.
Furthermore, when discussing Fragile X Syndrome, it becomes obvious that the signs and symptoms of this disease are important topics that must be looked into. The most important thing to realize is that this genetic disease usually manifests itself in the form of mental retardation. The classic phenotype of Fragile X Syndrome in males includes:
??? mental retardation, with an average IQ of 50 and a range of 25-90, with most under 70 (Alanay: 2007)
??? behavioral features similar to those seen in autism
??? macrocephaly
??? characteristic facies including long narrow face with prominent chin, tall forehead, flat nasal bridge, and large pinnae (these features may be subtle)
??? flexible finger joints and flat feet
??? post pubertal macroorchidism
Females with Fragile X Syndrome generally have milder manifestations, although they may have:
??? some similar physical features, particularly large or prominent ears, flexible finger joints, and flat feet
??? learning problems in the majority
??? short attention span
??? moodiness, shyness, anxiety
??? mental retardation in 30%
Next, detection in the carrier is relatively new. However, in 1991, scientist discovered the gene FMR-1 that has led to the development of improved testing for both carriers of the syndrome and those affected. The testing is done by DNA and is a blood test which requires sending blood to a lab which specializes in DNA studies. The test is very accurate and can be used for prenatal diagnosis. In addition, fetal testing can be done through either amniocentesis or earlier in pregnancy through chronic villus sampling (Crawford, 2001).
Finally, at this time, there is no cure for fragile X syndrome. However, special education, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapies are helpful in addressing many of the behavioral, and cognitive issues in fragile X syndrome. In addition, medical intervention including medications can be helpful for aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity and poor attention span. Because the impact of fragile X is so varied, it is important to do a careful evaluation of the individuals abilities and difficulties to tailor a treatment plan to address specific needs.
The outlook for children with fragile X syndrome is better when the disease is diagnosed early. Among people with a full fragile X mutation, about half of females and almost all males have lifelong mental retardation. People with fragile X syndrome usually have a normal lifespan (Crawford, 2001).
In conclusion, it becomes very apparent that Fragile X Syndrome is a very complicated and harsh genetic disorder that touches the lives of thousands of people. It is a disease than cannot be prevented or cured. Fragile X Syndrome is a very important genetic disorder which has, and will continue to have a terrible impact on society for as long as it exists. Through analyzing the Fragile X Syndrome gene and mutation, the protein and cell metabolism of this disease, the signs, symptoms, and phenotype of Fragile X Syndrome, the lifestyle, emotional effects, and view of society concerning this genetic disorder, and the diagnosis, treatment which deal with this Syndrome, it becomes very obvious that Fragile X Syndrome is a problem that needs to be solved.

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Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan ??“ Part IV

HRM 531/ Toya Pruitt

University of Phoenix

October 12, 2009

Career Development Plan ??“ Part IV
Many employees look at the compensation when it comes to accepting or declining a job. Compensation plans can also determine if an employee stays somewhere or begins looking for a new job. A compensation plan is what you pay someone to entice them to continue to do work for your company. Many people are more likely to hold a job longer if they are offered a good compensation plan and rewards. There are not many people who want to work for nothing.
At InterClean Inc, it is going to be crucial for the employees to have a good compensation plan in order to keep them now that the merger has taken place and many changes are occurring. The compensation plan for the employees will consist of a salary and commission for the sales team. They will get a base salary and then make commission off of their sales. The employees will also get quarterly bonuses and have the option for health coverage along with dental, paid holidays, and paid time off. Employees will also receive a 401K plan option for retirement.
The pay system will work because by using a base salary the employees will be guaranteed a weekly pay to take home and pay bills and then they will get the chance to take home more by how many sales and the amount of sales they make. The commission is an incentive to encourage them to sale more so they make more money. By giving the employees the options for health and retirement plans it gives them a little flexibility. They do not have to take it if they would prefer the higher salary but yet they can if they need the coverage. It will not be a must have benefit because each individual has different needs. The paid holidays and days off allows them time with their family on special occasions and times needed.
A total rewards package to help the employees reach peak performance in our group at InterClean, Inc. will consist of total compensation, benefits, and work-life balance.
? Total Compensation will be made up of base pay and incentives. The factors that will determine how much total compensation each employee will get will be the following:
? Level of requisite knowledge and skill.
? Industry and market
? Size of business
? Profitability of organization
? Employment stability
? Employee tenure and performance
? Benefits will be offered to each employee. They will have the option to accept or decline them. The following will be offered benefits:
? Paid time off
? Health
? Dental
? Holidays
? Work-Life Balance will be the third component of the total rewards package offered to employees. The work-life balance will include:
? Flexible scheduling
? Tuition reimbursement
? Telecommuting
(Compensation, 2007).
Compensation Plan??™s Benefits
When hired at InterClean, Inc. each employee will be offered a compensation plan. The compensation plan consists of a base pay rate of $2800.00 a month and then a 4% commission off of sales made. Each employee will also receive a quarterly bonus based off of work performance and sales for that quarter. On top of the base pay, commission, and quarterly bonus, there will also be the option for health care, dental care, paid holidays and paid time off for the employees. Employees will also have the option to maintain a 401K plan for retirement. The amount of withholdings will be based off of family size and what exact plan the employee finds that best fits their needs. Within the total rewards package we offer employees will also have flexible scheduling in case of family needs or emergencies along with the option to do some telecommuting if necessary from time to time with their sales. We understand that from time to time family issues arise and family is very important to everyone. We also encourage school and training classes so at InterClean, Inc. the employee can attend school and be reimbursed for the tuition as long as the class has something to do with the career and is pre approved by management as an acceptable class to be enrolled in through our reimbursement program.
Compensation: Total Reward Plans that Attract, Retain and Motivate (2007) Cahaba Media Group. Retrieved on October 11, 2009 from

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Career Development Plan

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Career Development one

Career Development Plan
Enterprise Maintenance Services

Career Development two
Career Development Plan
Enterprise Maintenance Services is a full service janitorial supplier that maintains inventory on all the supplies, products, dispensers, and equipment. EMS proudly serves the entire North Florida region especially Jacksonville. It prides itself on professional quality and service that is skillful and properly completed in a timely fashion. In addition it continually provides employee sales and service training to maintain its exemplorary standards. The company is proud to be distributors of Chemspec, Mytee, Pioneer Eclipse, Kent EuroClean, Simple Green that is eco friendly. Simple Green is appropriate for people who suffer from chemical allergies or reactions, people who want to reduce their carbon footprint, and those who are environmentally conscious.
EMS will be restructured and needing additional sales and cleaning individuals but also intends on retaining its current employees. This company currently has five individuals it is considering keeping on and two new employees to add on to the company:
* Needs to possess a four year degree and have reliable transportation to ensure that employees are performing up to par.
* Work closely with mid level management
Janitor (x2)
* Needs to be punctual and be familiar with the products and be consistent in maintaining cleanliness
Sales Manager
* needs to possess a four year degree but also needs to possess a minimum of two years janitorial
Career Development three
* experience
* relationship deepening is required
* generate an atmosphere of success
Sales Officer
* No formal training is mandatory but the individual does need to be habituated with different chemicals and products.
We are in need of one additional sales-person and one janitorial individual to add on to the company. However, these individuals need to be Caucasians because our team consists of only Hispanic, Black and, Asian.
The five individuals kept on possess the attributes that would be beneficial to the company and should be retained.
Enterprise Maintenance Services, empower its people to create their own career paths as well as provide the tools and training to achieve their goals. It is believed that this makes work more fulfilling for each individual, increase their productivity and builds loyalty to the company.
As with any company, training improves our performance to ensure that the organization is capable of responding to the challenges of its competitors.
The policy is that employees receive annual performance reviews in which they discuss strengths, skills, and development needs with their managers. These sessions help shape individual development plans including training, mentoring, and career stepping stones. The individual development plan process encourages ongoing career development discussions between managers and employees and provides employees with formal action plans to attain their career goals.
Career Development Plan four
In addition, EMS should conduct a global talent review annually that assesses all of its employees at the director level and above for their leadership potential and overall development needs. In 2008 over 5,000 employees were included in the process including some at the manager level. The results are reviewed by the EMC chief executive officer (CEO) and are used for succession planning within key management roles as well as for providing focused development and career guidance to our leaders across the organization. Several courses for the employees along with a full suite of talent management programs and processes are offered. EMS Learning and Development programs are designed to enhance our people??™s ability to execute the corporate strategy as well as to attract, retain, and develop the best talent in the industry.
Although the three different objectives of learning are declarative, procedural and strategic, the ideal for EMS would be strategic. Strategic knowledge is most used for planning, monitoring and revising goal directed activity. Since EMS is a janitorial company that focuses on cleanliness then the staff should be focused on maintaining their job responsibilities in order to increase the company??™s potential growth.
* Business Functions
* Hiring, setting wages
* Inventory control
* Supervise
* Ensure that the company is compliant with federal obligations

Career Development Plan five
Sales Manager
* Sales and Marketing
* Delivery of Policies
* Maintains Staff Morale
* Resolves janitorial problems in a timely manner
* Familiarity with cleaning products
* Must have reliable transportation
Sales Officer
* Target potential commercial clients
* Maintain and strengthen relationships
* Prepare an overall package for new sales
are four delivery methods for learning; discussion, e-learning, simulation, lecture and The employees at Enterprise Maintenance Services need to trained using the discussion and simulation methods for cleaning. The discussion method uses the two way communication between the trainee and the lecturer in order to increase the learning potential. Not only does it prevent unambiguous communication but it allows reinforcement and expansion on the information presented. The discussion method also allows verbal and nonverbal feedback from the trainees to ensure that learning was achieved.
Because Janitorial work deals with a lot of hands on, simulation is perfect to demonstrate learning. There are several different types of simulations such as behavior modeling, equipment
Career Development Plan six
simulator and case studies but in this case equipment simulators are ideal for demonstration.
Another great method to be used at Enterprise Maintenance Service would be on the job training. The three phases need to be addressed are the assessment phase, training and development phase and the evaluation phase. The assessment phase is the first phase dealt with before any training and there are questions that need to be asked before moving forward such as;
* Existing and desired competencies and skills (Diana M Osinski, 1996)
* Current and desire job performance
* What the organization expects to happen and what really happens
After the assessment phase, the training and development phase is initiated.
* The appropriate setting is chosen
* Identify and train the right individuals to conduct the training
* Equipment needed for the training.
Then comes the evaluation phase that determines the participants??™ reaction to the training program and how much was learned to be reinforced back into the job.
No training is successful without feedback and therefore the formative method would??? provide ongoing feedback to the managers to ensure that the needs of the clients are truly being met??? (Competencies, 1994).
Performance Management is a chain of action managers take when interacting with employees about their performance and expectations. Managers have to be clear and lack ambiguity in order for feedback to be received well. That allows the manager to handle the situation and avoid any interpersonal tangles because of poor communication. Not only should
Career Development Plan seven
the feedback be provided but a progress plan has to be implemented to identify employees skills with their assigned job.
EMS has been performing well, however there is room for added growth and feedback provides the productivity needed.
As a mid level manager, it is important:
* to help motivate others
* address and deliver feedback in a supportive environment
* listen and respond with concern
In regards to the team performance evaluation appraisals team are necessary but there are differences between the two.
* Performance Management – requires willingness and focus
requires daily attention from the manager
* Performance Appraisal – performed annually and has a narrow focus.
There are unique difficulties that keep arising such as relevance which is the clear distinction between success and failure, performance standards, not having the instruments for janitors to perform tasks and not distinguishing between effective and non effective performers.
Team performance evaluation entails so much and focuses on its appraisal system.
Team members are:
* Rated by manager, other team members, customers and self
* Rated for outcome, behavior and competency
* Used for development, evaluation and self regulation
Career Development Plan eight
Every company should come together to put together a compensation plan and Enterprise Maintenance Services is no different. It is important to be able to pay everyone fairly and comparatively to the market. Also, cleaning slowly to add in overtime should be avoided. Also, an administrative pool should be created to focus on staff cross training and so several persons will be available to assist whenever the help is needed. This utilizes on the job training and reduces the cost of spending on training. Pay systems are usually ???designed to attract, retain and motivate employees??? (Cascio, 2005) therefore a rate slightly higher than other companies would be ideal. End of year bonuses given to the most deserving employee; meaning that the individual who is punctual, and never misses a day from work but at the same time performs well when on duty will receive a deserving amount at the end of the business year.
A team performance is primarily impacted based on its pay system. The incentive system that rewards the employee by providing gift cards or trips generally has an impact on the group on a whole. The most often used is the skill pay system that pays the individual based on the training they have received.
We may often believe that the pay systems encourage the individuals to perform at their best but many times there is social loafing that affects the overall performance of the company. There are many ways to discourage loafing such as:
Punctuality – pertains to being punctual and prevents the individual from wasting time on things of little importance. If the employee is monitored and is aware of that then he is less likely to waste valuable working time participating in social loafing. He will be concerned that his wages will be deducted.

Career Development Plan nine
* ???Evaluation potential – allows the employee to be aware that he will be evaluated on these individual contributions to the group so he is less likely to loaf.
* Group valence ??“ the participant feels a positive attraction or a sense of loyalty, or commitment towards the group and that prevents loafing???(Human Resources, 2002).
Although developing the career plan allows you to see areas that need to be concentrated on for improvement and success, it is still important to be devoted to your team and be responsible. A good team player maintains open communication, is reliable, tends to be flexible to accommodate everyone and should be always motivated enough to pursue the goal of success.

Career Development Plan ten
Cascio. (2005). Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, Seventh Edition. The McGraw-hill companies.
Competencies, U. (1994). what is competency based training Retrieved from nps:
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Office of Human Resources. (n.d.) Retrieved 2002, from Fayetteville State University:
Phoenix, U. o. (2005). InterClean-EnvironTech Merger Scenario.

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Fractured Neck of Femur

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Fractured Neck of Femur
Pathophysiology and causative factors
A fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone, separating it into two or more parts (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). In the case of a fractured neck of femur following a fall, the fracture is caused by the direct violence applied to the body; hence the fracture occurs at or near the site of the applied force (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). The soft tissues surrounding the area are also involved in the injury (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Blood vessels within the bone, the periosteum and surrounding tissues are torn, resulting in haemorrhage and then the formation of a haematoma (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). There may also be haemorrhage into adjacent muscles and joints and damage to ligaments, tendons and nerves (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Soon after a fracture occurs, the muscles in the area go into spasm, causing severe pain and the shortened and rotated appearance of the affected leg in the case of a fractured neck of femur (Walsh and Crumbie 2007).
However, it is unlikely that a young, fit and healthy person would suffer a fractured neck of femur following a fall. Fracture of the neck of femur occurs most often in elderly women, due in part to hormonal changes and the effect this has on bone reabsorption, leading to osteoporosis (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Osteoporosis is a condition where bone mass is reduced because its deposition does not keep pace with reabsorption (Waugh and Grant 2001). Lowered oestrogen levels after the menopause are associated with a period of accelerated bone loss in women (Waugh and Grant 2001). As bone mass decreases, susceptibility to fractures increases (Waugh and Grant 2001). The weakened bone is less able to resist the force of impact should the person fall (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Additionally, elderly people are much more likely to fall (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Cox and Newton (2005) cite data suggesting in excess of 400,000 older people attend accident and emergency departments each year in the UK as a result of falls which are the leading cause of mortality due to injury in those over 75. This follows from the fact that falls in older people are estimated to result in hip fracture in approximately one quarter of those affected (Minns et al 2004).
There are two categories of fractures involving the femoral neck region: intracapsular fractures (occurring through the joint and capsule) and extracapsular fractures (occurring in the intertrochanteric area) (Walsh and Crumbie 2007).

Assessment and planned care
In all acute trauma situations the priority is to assess the ???ABCDE??™ of resuscitation (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). This primary assessment should always precede the primary assessment, which should then focus on pain and psychological status alongside the main injury itself (Walsh and Crumbie 2007). Assessment should then move on to consider the rest of the patient, checking for other less obvious injuries, unrelated but coexisting medical conditions (e.g. is the patient diabetic) as well as social factors (Walsh and Crumbie 2007).
A ??“ Airway
??? Look, listen and feel for the signs of airway obstruction (Jevon 2007).
??? Assess cervical spine (Walsh and Crumbie 2007).
B ??“ Breathing
??? Count the respiratory rate, normal is 12-20/min (Resuscitation Council UK 2006). Bradypnoea is an ominous sign and could indicate imminent respiratory arrest; causes include opiates and hypothermia (Jevon 2007).
??? Evaluate chest movement: chest movement should be symmetrical (Jevon 2007).
??? Evaluate depth of breathing (Jevon 2007).
??? Evaluate respiratory pattern (Jevon 2007).
??? Note the oxygen saturation (SaO2) reading: normal is 97-100% (Jevon 2007). A low SaO2 could indicate respiratory distress or compromise (Jevon 2007).
??? Listen to breathing (Jevon 2007).
??? Record peak expiratory flow rate (Jevon 2007).
C ??“ Circulation
??? Palpate peripheral and central pulses: presence, rate, quality, regularity and equality (Smith 2003).
??? Check the colour and temperature of the hands and fingers (Jevon 2007).
??? Measure the capillary refill time (CRT): normal CRT is

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Fractured Fairy Tale Sample

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When I was little, my teacher told me that a girl deer is called a doe, and after that I thought that our farm was called Doe Run because that is what the deer did each morning when my father went to work in the fields. I told my father that; he laughed. He told me that our last name was Doe and a run was a small stream or river like the one that ran by Mom??™s vegetable patch; then he told me I was the smartest girl in the entire kingdom.
In truth, I was just a normal girl. I got up early to do my chores on our family??™s farm before leaving for school each day. I worked hard for my grades, and I struggled to get my parents to listen to me. I had a little brother, James, who was a complete pain, but I loved him. It was my job to protect him. My mother worked on the farm with my father and also part time at the school cafeteria. My father was the only thing that made my family less than ordinary.

My story began when I came home from school for the last time; I was happy with the thought that summer vacation was finally here. I had plans for my summer ??“ swims in the lake with my friends, catching the local theatre troupe play some overacted thing, like Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet, by some pompous guy, like Billy Shakespeare, and just in general doing anything that didn??™t involve homework, but this was not meant to be. Of course, my father was the one who went and screwed the whole thing up.
My father??¦ What can I say about him I loved him. He was fiercely proud of me; which, I guess is good. He was always bragging to his friends about me. ???My daughter??™s beauty surpasses all the other girls in the kingdom.??? In truth, I was average in looks, grades ??“ really everything. ???My daughter is the most intelligent child in the known world!??? he boasted to his buddies at the pub. My best friend told me she heard her parents talking about it one night. I was mortified. I told my father to stop lying ??“ that it was embarrassing. In truth, it was also ruining my reputation at school. ???These are harmless indiscretions???, he told me, but there was one ???harmless indiscretion??? that nearly got us both killed.

My father went to the Tip ???Ze Ale Bar and Grill, where he, according to witnesses, ???had a little too much to drink.??? (By the way, that translates as he was so drunk they had to scoop him off the floor and shovel him out the door like garbage.) While he was indulging, he mentioned that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Now, normally I would have just laughed this off as ???Dad being Dad???, but some fool actually believed him.

To make matters worse, this same fool went and repeated it to the king. Well, of course, my father was hauled in to the court to explain himself. ???Sir, you will either admit your error and spend time in jail for ???drunk and disorderly conduct in a public place??™, or admit to the truth what you said.???

My father is NOT a fool, but he was terrified. He said, ???Yes, Your Great and Marvelous Majesty, I did indeed admit that my daughter has a rather unusual gift. She can spin ordinary straw into gold.???
Now the king was also not a fool, but he could sense a ???once in a lifetime??? opportunity. ???Really. If that??™s so, why are you not living in a palace Why do you not dress in richly adorned clothing Why are you not part of my court???
My father, once again found himself verbally trapped in a bad position, said, ???Well, YourRegal and Imperial Royalty, I am a humble and practical man who adores his family. Once I discovered my daughter??™s unique talent, I was terrified. My wife and I would die without her. I didn??™t want the government to take her away from me and have her spend her life like a lab rat. I, at once, forbid her to ever touch a spinning wheel again. (Now here??™s the horrible part??¦) I swear on my life and that of my family; it??™s the truth!???

???Hmmmm. You may or may not be telling the truth.??? There was quiet chuckling coming from some of the nobles off to the king??™s right. A maniacal glare in their direction quashed their outburst. ???I met a man just last week who had a hat mysteriously appear on his head every time he took one off. I watched him for an hour, and it never stopped; isn??™t that right, Mr. Capp I also heard from young Lord Jack B. Stalk that he became rich after fighting a giant who lived in the clouds. That seems much more far-fetched than this, so I??™m willing to put this man to the test.
Mr. Doe, you are required to bring your daughter forthwith to the court for examination. If she was able to demonstrate this ???talent??™ as you call it, you and she shall be released on your own recognizance. If she was unable to produce the spun gold, then you shall both be incarcerated until you are too old to make any more trouble.???
I??™ll never forget the evening that he told my mother and I what he had done. It was one of the few times I ever remember seeing my father so??¦ sober. It was rather frightening. ?????¦so you and I must leave in the morning at dawn,??? he explained. ???You??™ll have to??¦???
With that he broke down and cried. I was so surprised and frightened by that, I just got up and left the room. I truly wanted to yell at him ??“ to: tell him what a fool I thought he was, how he??™d messed up not just his life this time, to tell him I hated him. I couldn??™t. I love my father very much, and he looked so helpless??¦ defeated??¦ broken. I went upstairs.

Dawn was fast approaching. I could feel it in my bones. I truly wanted to barf, or disappear, or better yet??¦ wake up to discover that this was some bad, beef stew induced nightmare. Instead I found myself walking next to my dejected father up this enormous hill towards the very ominous looking palace and adjoining courts.
???Doe, Sir.???
???Court Three, Sir.???

The guard looked down his itinerary sheet. ???Ah, yes??¦ the ???Golden??™ family,??? he smirked. I wanted to slap him so hard. ???Enter.???
I took a deep breath, which helped to settle my stomach a bit. We walked down long, seemingly endless, echoing, marble halls filled with the statues of previous kings. At least I thought they were kings. They could have been current nobles; how would I have known. It was rather fascinating. I found myself wanting to just ramble around and see what was around the next corner, but I didn??™t have that opportunity. At the moment I felt most likely to run, we arrived.
The entrance to Court Three was delineated by two huge, maybe 15 feet high, doors with carvings all over them. The carvings were of people in various states of torture. Great. I rolled my eyes, and a second glace at the carvings reduced me to a nervous, nauseous state all over again.

The doors squealed open on hinges that look like they must have weighed a ton each. Grim faced guards lined a path directly to the foot of the throne. I??™d never seen the king in real life, just pictures in our textbook and the one that hung on the wall of every classroom. He was immense ??“ and old ??“ and fat. Ewww.
???Now appearing before His Majesty – King of Romuland, Remuland and all the surrounding provinces, Duke of Earl and Ellington, is Farmer Doe and his daughter, Jane,??? announced some guy in a truly heinous outfit.
The king leaned forward rather leeringly. ???Is this the girl, Doe???
???Yes, Sir, Your Most Indulgent and Thoughtful Majesty,??? my father cooed.
???Take them away,??? ordered the king.

???What!??? Before my outburst could be properly addressed, my father was jerked from his bow and was escorted under guard, screaming, out some side door. At the same moment, I was flanked by two of the aforementioned ???Grim Reaper??? guards. The king hefted his immense bulk from his throne, and glided to a position in front of me. I was vaguely aware of that the same stupidly dressed oaf was announcing court was in recess. Somehow I don??™t think that means I??™m going to get to go play.

I was escorted out an average looking off-white door to my right, through some elaborately decorated antechamber and out into the marble hallway. I have no idea if it was the same hall or if they just all looked alike. I felt so shaky, lost??¦ If I dwelt on it, I??™d start to cry. I couldn??™t cry. Not now.
We finally came to a dead end and turned right. We descended some grey stone stairway. It quickly became dank and damp. I nearly succumbed to the smell ??“ mold, iron and earth. Screams and whip cracks lashed the air. A guard grabbed my arm when my legs gave way beneath me.
Up ahead, in the dreary, pale light was an open wooden door. I was unceremoniously dumped in the room. It was piled nearly to the ceiling with straw on three sides of the room. A small spinning wheel sat directly in front of me.
???Spin, or in the morning, you and your father will die!??? ordered the king. His guards slammed the door shut. Clank! went the keys in the door.
I was alone in this abysmal hole ??“ left alone with two days of unshed emotions. I began to cry.

I don??™t know how long I??™d cried for before I realized, quite suddenly, that I was no longer alone. I gasped and gaped.
Before me stood the most handsome guy imaginable. His kind eyes looked down on me concerned. ???Why are you crying??? he asked.
???The king ordered me to spin all this straw into gold by morning, or he??™ll have my father and I killed,??? I responded.
Was this guy joking! ???Spinning straw into gold is impossible! It can??™t be done!???
???My, you are certainly sure of yourself.??? He grinned. I felt like he was having a silent laugh at my expense. Since I found no humor in my situation, I found that truly irritating. ???What if I told you that I could spin straw into gold???
???I??™d laugh. Spinning is something girls do.???
???Well, I am a Jack of all trades. Do you want the help or not???
???What will you give me to help you??? he winked.
???As if! Ewww!??? I looked around. ???How about my necklace??? I took it off and handed it to him. He looked at it for a long moment. I held my breath.
???Okay.??? He sat down and commenced to spinning. I was agape??¦ again. He hummed a funny tune as he worked. He seemed so happy and content. It was so weird.
Existing in the dark with only torchlight to guide me around the cell, made time seem to stand still. I only knew the passage of time as short trips to get more handfuls of straw for the brawny stranger.

At some point, I must have dozed off. In such a filthy place I don??™t know how that happened, but it did.
Clank! The door opened. ???Oh no! They can??™t see you! Quick; hide!??? I hissed. I looked around. The stranger was gone. How did he do that
???Splendid!??? cooed the king. He strode off muttering, ???You know what to do!???
I was suddenly and violently jerked to my feet and summarily shoved down the passageway, up a flight of stairs and into a huge room. It might have been a banquet hall or ballroom from the size, but I couldn??™t tell for sure for it was filled floor to ceiling with straw. The hated spinning wheel was placed in front of me.
???Spin or your entire family will rot in the dungeon!??? As the guard placed his evil order, I could hear the terrified screams of my little brother.
???Jane! Help! Please!???
???Shut up, Kid!??? I could hear a smacking sound and then more crying.
???You tell your king that if he hurts one hair on my brother??™s head that I??™ll??¦ I??™ll??¦???
???Just spin. Hey, rumor has it that if you do this, that the king will offer to marry you.??? The guard shut and locked the door. I could hear his feet retreating into the distance.
This was ridiculous. Spin and I might be forced to marry a greedy, fat, old man. If I didn??™t spin this straw, my family would die. I sighed. There was nothing for it but to spin and worry with the stupid king later.

I sat down on the spinning wheel with a handful of straw. I was used to spinning. After sheep shearing, my mother and I spent many cold winter nights by a crackling, roaring fire spinning wool into yarn and later weaving the yarn into material for our spring clothes. I considered myself a fair hand at spinning, and I figured that if some dumb boy could spin straw into gold, so could I.
I tried to spin the straw as rough stalks. Nothing. I beat and combed the stalks, and I got spun straw ??“ no gold. The room seemed to be somewhat darker than before. That??™s not good. I was feeling angry, frustrated, and tired. And??¦ anticipatory ???There is no way??¦???
???No way, what???
I spun around. There stood my previous night??™s visitor. I had so many questions zipping around in my head, but before I could formulate one into a coherent thought, he said, ???There??™s no time to waste. What will you give me???
???You??™ve got to be??¦ never mind??¦??? I looked around. All I had was myself and my grandmother??™s wedding ring. She??™d given it to me before she died. She said it was her hoped that it would bring me many years of happiness some time in the future, but honestly, there were not ???happily ever after??? scenarios that I could see. There was nothing for it. ???Here??™s my grandmother??™s wedding ring. She left it to me. It??™s priceless. Don??™t lose it.???
He grinned, snatched the ring, and it disappeared into his pocket. ???Hand me some straw, quick!???
I felt a rage at his callousness. I don??™t know why, but I did it. I handed him straw??¦ endlessly, forever!
Voila! Gold. I didn??™t know if I should thank him or what. He sat there on the spinning wheel with a contented, self-satisfied look on his face. I heard footsteps. I turned towards them, but by the time I??™d turned to say something to him about hiding or blending in with the servants or something, he??™d disappeared.
Once again, the fat, greedy king appeared like an avenging angel. He pursed his lips and steepled his fingers together. He took a short circuit around the glistening ballroom, for now I could see that??™s what it was. ???Hmmm. Hmmm! Yes. Yes! Ok.??? Then he turned smartly and commanded ??“ to whom I couldn??™t tell, ???Do it!??? He strode purposefully through the door, attendants in tow. I was left alone for a long time. Occasionally a servant came in, gathered some gold, and left.

At one point, a sweet-faced child of about five appeared. She made me think of my brother, and I felt sick to my stomach. She blushed violently when she tripped over her curtsey and ended up splayed out on the floor at my feet. ???M??¦Ma??¦Maa??¦Miss I??™m to take you to the b??¦bu??¦bu??¦baths. P??¦Pa??¦Pla??¦Please, come with me.??? I couldn??™t be certain if her stutter was the result of disability, fear, or embarrassment, but I suddenly didn??™t care. A bath! Yes! It??™s about time!
I followed her down several of my favorite, a.k.a. statued, marble hallways and up a flight of long, low marble stairs. The stairway was so wide, I could have walked side by side with my entire family. Once again, a wave of sadness and nausea washed over me. At the top of the stair, I was escorted by the girl into a room filled entirely with a pool-sized, golden bathtub. The sweet aroma of woodsy flowers wrapped me in blissful, relaxing ecstasy. I luxuriated so long in the soothing warm bath that I must have dozed off.
Suddenly, an elegantly dressed lady came in with a gown that looked like it was covered in pearls. It glistened like the sun. ???Mademoiselle, His Gracious, Imperial Majesty requests your presence at luncheon.???

Thoughts whizzed through my exhausted brain. I should tell him off! I want my family. I need to get them released. Wow! What a pretty dress! Is that for me I hope someone kills off this greedy cuss!
The dress was indeed for me to wear, and it was indeed made of pearls and gold! I had woven golden slippers to cover my feet, and pearl combs held back my hair. I passed a mirror and nearly curtseyed to myself. I didn??™t recognize the young woman looking back at me. I saw someone older, self-assured; my usually frizzy hair, curled in ringlets halfway down my back. Had I changed that much in two days
The door to which I was led appeared to be made of silver. I wondered silently who had to make that out of straw. I chuckled. The door groaned open on four-foot hinges. There stood the longest table I??™d ever seen. It was longer than my house, and it was filled with food. No more than a speck, at the other end of the long trestle, sat the king. He saluted me, once I was seated. ???Enjoy,??? was all he said. Dish after dish was placed before me. I ate until I was full, but still the food came. When I tried to shoo the servants away, some antiquated, old geezer whispered that it was rude to refuse a gift from His Majesty, so I ate until I was well beyond nauseous. I prayed I could barf soon.

After what seemed like a delicious, sickening eternity, the king rose from his chair and departed without a word. I was led to a room adjacent to the dining room. My heart sank.
It was covered floor to ceiling with straw. I started to protest. I started to??¦ to??¦ feel very alone, angry, frustrated, sad, confused??¦ ???You will spin this straw into gold by morning. Accomplish this tiny task, and on the ???morrow, you shall marry the king. Fail, and your family will die.??? The door banged shut behind me. The lock clicked in place.
???You??™ve got to be kidding!??? They weren??™t. Behind me sat that darn spinning wheel. I began to pray for my handsome helper. Before I could finish, I knew he was there.
???Well, this will certainly take a team effort if we??™re to get THIS done by morning,??? he glibly remarked.
???What do you have to trade???
I thought about that. I looked around. ???How about my shoes???
???Mmmm. I don??™t need gold, if you hadn??™t guessed.???
???Well I??™m NOT taking off my dress!???
???Trust me. That??™s not what I??™m after!???
???NO. Not that either.???
???Well, what, then???
???I want your first born child.???
???WHAT! Are you some sort of perve???
???No. I??™m practical. I want to??¦,??? he choked and then recovered, ???I must pass my skill on to someone else ??“ my heir.???
???Oh. Well??¦??? I thought about it. I didn??™t like the king. I hadn??™t planned on getting married anytime soon. I thought about what my kid might look like, be like??¦???
???We haven??™t got all??¦ well, we only have tonight!???
I sighed. ???I can??™t. I??™m sorry. I can??™t sacrifice my family??™s lives, but I can??™t get rid of my child, either.???
???You already have one???
???No. I was just thinking how my kid would feel if they found out I??™d bargained them away before they were born. I can??™t do it. I??™m just going to have to hope the king will kill me and not my family. Maybe he??™ll drop dead before morning. I mean, you should have seen what he ate for lunch!???

???Let??™s start spinning,??? was all he said. I stood stunned for a short moment, and then I realized that my ???handsome prince??? ??“ at least that??™s how I saw him ??“ was going to help me. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, except I wasn??™t as aimless. I quickly gathered armfuls of straw, dumped them at ???cutie??™s??? feet, snatched up spun gold, and deposited it wherever I could find an open spot. For a while, I felt exhilarated. After a long while, I just felt tired. As the dark threatened dawn, I began to despair. I just knew we??™d never finish.
Dawn broke. I ran back and forth. I was dripping sweat; my once pretty dress was filthy and snagged in placed. My hands were red and raw from handling the straw. The sun began its daily westward crawl; so did I. We finished, as keys rumbled in the lock. I was sitting in a heap on the floor when the trumpets began to blare. In sauntered the king. He positively glowed, but I wasn??™t sure if it was that he was happy or just that the sun was making the entire room shimmer. Honestly, at that moment, I didn??™t really care.
???Your family is free and financially set for life, and you, you lucky girl, will be my wife.??? Before I could protest, or cuss him out, or faint, or??¦ He left. I sat there ??“ a stupid, exhausted bump-on-a-log.
???Come with me, M??¦MM??¦Miss,??? said the young girl from yesterday. I followed in a stupor. I got to bathe in the pool-tub. I was given a dress that seemed to be made of multi-colored gems and colorful silks. I got to wear a pretty thing on my head that was also covered in rainbow colored stones.

I walked into an enormous white and gold room. Some guy in white robes and a white and gold dunce cap rambled about duty and honor and… I can??™t really remember what all. I just remember being exhausted, and there was something in my brain that had briefly tried to scream, but I don??™t remember the words. I felt like I needed to do something, but I couldn??™t remember what.

The next thing I remembered was being escorted to a huge, blue bedroom. It had the softest bed. I slept. Someone in my dream was yelling. That doesn??™t seem right. There it is again. ???Your Majesty! You must wake up now; it??™s an emergency!???
Who on earth are they talking to Ewwwww! Not that fat, old guy. Why is he in here
???Ma??™am. Your Gracious and Most Beautiful Queen, please! Your country needs you to awaken immediately. We??™re in a state of emergency; the king has died in his sleep!???
Ewww. Huh My eyes sprung open. I looked at a rather frightened and harried old man.
???Apparently, His Imperious Majesty died last night in his sleep. You, O Queen, are our only hope. You must keep order in the kingdom.???
The next days, weeks, months, years were a blur. I met with nobles, dukes, counts, peasants, friends of my past??¦ I don??™t remember it all. One day I just woke up and there was no immediate crisis that needed my attention. I remember taking a huge, deep breath and sighing. The boulder that had been trying to crush me had vanished. The country was safe and ordered. People were happy and prosperous, and I was a widow (and only by a mere technicality) a wife.

I was a different person now, than I had been when I entered the palace. I was a??¦queen (true), but??¦ lonely (even though I was surrounded by servants, courtiers, and visiting dignitaries daily. Oh, well. Then, late one evening after dinner, it all changed; he walked in -my handsome ???prince??? from my ???spinning??? days.
???It??™s been awhile,??? he grinned.
???How??™s your husband???
Surprise, shock, and hope sprang across his face in a rush. ???Are you??¦Do you??¦ Would you??¦??? I??™d never seen him out of control or at a loss for words. I couldn??™t help but rescue him.
???Let??™s walk.??? We did. I invited him to stay in the guest quarters, so we could spend time getting to know one another, under less stressful circumstances than our previous encounters. To my surprise, he declined.
???I??™d love to, but I can??™t.???
???Why Don??™t you want to??? I felt confused and hurt. I looked in his eyes. He also looked hurt. ???I mean, I thought you came here to get to know me better.???
???I did, but I can only visit. I can??™t say why. I just can??™t stay.??? We talked until dawn, then he excused himself. This was our routine for months. I tried to figure out why he couldn??™t stay, but he??™d never tell me. I became frustrated and impatient. I felt like the girl I was when we first met. I had him followed.

Around noon, my stealthy hunter returned. ???Your Majesty. Your prince returns to a fairy ring in the dawn. I could not get close enough to see anything more before the dawn closed the door to the fairy world.??? I made plans; I spent a pleasant evening with my prince.
He left, so did I. I also saw him cross into the fairy world, but the door closed before I could reach the fairy ring. I made new plans.

That night, I did not wait for my love in the palace gardens. I waited by the ring. When the door opened, and he stepped out, I greeted him. ???What are you doing here??? I was surprised and taken aback. I thought he??™d be pleased with my ingenuity.
???Are you trapped What must I do to have you to be with me forever???
He said nothing. He took my hand, and we crossed over into his world. All the precious gems and metals of this world pale in comparison to that magical, unearthly land. We stood for just a moment on the threshold. ???If you come with me, you can free me, but I do not know what it may cost you. Can you accept these conditions???
???Yes,??? I responded without hesitation. We continued to walk through Fairyland for a very long time. The landscape changed many times over ??“ mountains, oceans, grasslands, and forests. It seemed to take no time at all and then??¦ the gloom. Dead, rotten remains of trees. Burned out logs and shriveled fruit lay on the ground. The ground was covered in swampy muck that clung to my dress and sucked off my dainty slippers. It seemed so unreal and terrifying. Something here was not right. This place felt ??“ evil. Something very insidious lived here. With halting steps, I continued by his side. I remembered his words, ???If you come with me, you can free me, but I do not know what it may cost you. Can you accept these conditions??? I hope so??¦

A tiny, brown, wrinkled creature appeared. He was gnawing on a bone that contained what appeared to be a dainty slipper. I want to barf! His teeth were sharpened into triangular points, and his hands ended in long, talon-like claws. Shriveled wings hung useless at his sides. ???What is thissssssss!??? he hissed. He slithered and oozed around me in a parody of a one-man waltz.
???A visitor.???
???To what ends??? he demanded.
???To find a way to free this man from his bondage here,??? I bravely responded.
He let out a cackle that sounded like flames eating a fresh pine log. He studied me for a long time. ???It is costly ??“ your request. Can you afford it???

I thought of the wealth of the kingdom. No. This crazed creature did not want money. He had magic, but somehow it was corrupt. I studied him. What kind of evil thing would he??¦ I remembered the last thing my ???prince??? had asked of me during our spinning days. This evil being would want a replacement. Could I offer him a child Could I offer him my child I thought back to when my brother was little. Could I offer an innocent child to THIS thing I sighed. ???No.???
He seemed delighted by my response. ???Good. I think we??™ve finally found a worthy opponent. I accept your challenge.???
Huh! I stood perplexed, waiting for the sky to fall or something.
???You have three days to discover my name.??? With that, he disappeared in a crack of thunder.

I ran from the gloomy swamp. Well, I ran as fast as I could, seeing as it seemed to want to swallow me in the mucky mud. I returned to my world. I spent two days and a night in my world asking for names of ???the evil brownie???. No one knew.
I returned to ???his??? world. I asked every fairy, leprechaun, unicorn, hag, ghoul, and specter ??“ every creature I could find. Here, I suspected that they knew, but wouldn??™t or couldn??™t tell me. My time was up. I returned to the swamp. My heart felt heavy. The creature appeared. ???You have three guesses. If you guess correctly, the young man is yours to do with as you please. If not, your life and his are forfeit to me. Go ahead.???
I blinked. Three guesses! ??“ out of all the possible names in the universe! ??“ I had no guesses. Why try Because you love ???him???, Stupid. ???Rasputin???
???Funny, but??¦ no.???
I was going to lose my love in one more guess??¦ That??™s it! I looked at my love standing forlorn behind ???Creature???. ???What??™s your name??? I queried him.
I turned to the creature. A sudden flash of pure rage crossed his already distorted features. He looked like he was going to explode. Just as quickly, he regained his composure and an evil, mocking grin. ???Your name is Rumplestilskin!??? I proclaimed.
He screamed, and then he exploded.

We walked hand in hand from the deadlands. We exited Fairyland and returned to our world through the fairy ring into a golden sunlit morning.
???I have something for you,??? he whispered. He opened his hand and there sat my necklace and grandmother??™s ring.
???Are you free, now???
???Then we are going to HAVE to do something about your name!???
???What??™s In a Name???
by Jennifer Mitchell

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Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary
Keonia Reed
University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus
Travis Gordon
June 5, 2010

Ever since opening the very first store in 1998 in La Jolla, Kudler Fine Foods was extended by opening two more stores in addition. The author was employed in the year of 2001 as the manager of the meat department at the Del Mar Store. The meat department manager operates straight beneath the grocery store manager. In recent times the author has been knowledgeable that the team will be reorganized. Presently, the author manages a number of three workers: one meat cutter and two meat clerks. The department will have added tasks so there is a must to employ new employees. The business is leading in the direction of a more team based organization. The new and present employees both will have to be taught. The existing process of reviewing performance is no longer legitimate so a new review system has to be created. The below is a plan in which consist of proposals and validations concerning how this reorganization will be designed and executed.
Job Descriptions and Qualifications
Kudler Fine Foods needs a team of new and present individuals to drive our existing products and possibly build up new ways to grow business in the nearby areas. Within the proposal, various points will be discussed and recommended to make Kudler Fine Foods the best in the fine foods business. Below will list the job descriptions and qualifications for each employee:
1) Sales Manager of Meat Department ??“ Accountable for making sure that the meat department is ran easily and efficiently, accomplishes sales, position inventory objectives, manage expenses and sources, manage merchandise by ordering products, held accountable for the value of the products, have tough association, analytical, managerial, sales, communication, and computer abilities, experienced in shelf allotment, outlaying and product categorizing, schedule work employees, knowledge in invention development, meet with agents from packing plants and distributors.
2) Assistant Manager of Meat Department ??“ Accountable for making sure that the meat department is ran easily and efficiently, accomplishes sales, position inventory objectives, manage expenses and sources, manage merchandise by ordering products, held accountable for the value of the products, have tough association, analytical, managerial, sales, communication, and computer abilities, experienced in shelf allotment, outlaying and product categorizing, schedule work employees, knowledge in invention development, meet with agents from packing plants and distributors.
3) Meat Cutter Team Leader ??“ Administers meat cutters, obtains, evaluates, examines, stock up, and gives meat; severs, spruce, prepares and forms meat; slice mammal bodies; maintain the cleanliness of equipment accordingly to hygienic values; keep record of meat dispensation actions; must be well-educated of meat principles, cleanliness practices, and capability to function meat cutting machinery and equipment; must be capable to pick up 50 pounds.
4) Meat Clerk Team Leader ??“ Administers meat clerks; store meat cases; help consumers; make certain meat cases are uncontaminated according to sanitary principles; capable to raise 50 pounds; and capability to use knives and meat cutter.
5) Meat Clerk ??“ Administers meat clerks; store meat cases; help consumers; make certain meat cases are uncontaminated according to sanitary principles; capable to raise 50 pounds; and capability to use knives and meat cutter.

Training Program
According to Casico (2005), training consists of planned programs designed to improve performance at the individual, group, and/or organizational levels. Improved performance, in turn, implies that there have been measurable changes in knowledge skills, attitudes, and/or social behavior. A thriving training program is a key factor in establishing long-term abundance of the meat department. This training program can be offered to workers both in-house or at a center for training. The training program will comprise of topics in organizational structure, information technology, diversity, sanitation, safety, customer service, etc. With the incorporation of these new positions at Kudler Fine Foods, a development and training program has to put to action to make certain that workers are attentive of the things that they are selling to the community. After a month, there will be a required training for all workers which will consist of new items that will be accessible to the community in addition to providing various sales methods on how to present services and products to new consumers. Basic trainings will be presented in addition for new workers on how to do fundamental things around the store.
Methods for Evaluating Employees and Performance
According to Casico (2005), feedback is essential both for learning and for trainee motivation. The emphasis should be on what and how the trainee has done something correctly. Feedback is going to the most important resource on how the job and responsibilities are assessed at Kudler Fine Foods. Having the capability to discuss what recently occurred and what needs to be get better is how workers are going to be assessed. This also provides workers the voice to voice their thoughts to upper management on what they believe or feel needs to happen in a different way. In reality, the workers are the ones who work with the community more than upper management, except there is an increase. They are the individuals who hear and acknowledge the voices of the community and know what they are fond of and what they are not fond of, so when it is time for assessment and feedback, workers have the ability to elaborate why they did a particular job or transaction in a different way.
Performing one-on-one training is another assessment technique that will be put into practice at Kudler Fine Foods. This will be done with peers as well with upper management. Peer training will be performed more than management-worker training. Having the ability to comprehend from you peers is a great way to expand new work behaviors. Management will get concerned in one on one training when peer training has not benefited for a certain person.
Team Performance Challenges
Team anticipations are very imperative at Kudler Fine Foods. According to Adventure Associates Teambuilding (2010), increased team morale through shared successes and performance breakthroughs, the physical and intellectual challenges engage a wide variety of learning styles and serve as reference points for future training initiatives are some reasons why to recommend team performance challenges. The business values its workers and embraces them to high prospects when it comes to performing in the workplace. Understanding workers wishes and desires is essential to Kudler Fine Foods; that is why the business pays attention to its workers to make certain that their desires are met so their day in the workplace can move easily and proficiently. Given that expectations are high at Kudler Fine Foods, it is very imperative workers are anticipated to perform at their highest levels at all times. Because training and mentoring are constantly available, workers are expected to comprehend and know what services and products that is obtainable and the cost of items for when consumers come into the store and ask general questions. Having the ability to answer consumer??™s questions fully with concern and effortlessness is very essential to the production of the business. When the consumers leave the store, they go into the community and the business desires them to support the business services and products and they will do that if and only if workers handle businesses appropriately the first time.
Individuals will be held responsible for their individual actions inside the work force. One little error really could dismay the complete store. An example of this is if the inventory manager priced a particular meat by mistake that was obtainable and the consumer use a good total of time to make a decision among that specific meat and another one. The question to pose is what will take place if that consumer decided that meat that was priced wrong and went to buy and the meat was priced higher than advertised. As a result, this causes consumers to become annoyed with the business because items were not priced correct. It may appear minute to the workers, but to our consumers it is a larger circumstance. Making certain the business is holding workers accountable for their behaviors is very essential because if the error is not right the first time.
Incentives and Benefits Package
Kudler Fine Foods morals its workers and desires to make certain that their workers sense as if they are not only for a worker, but they are an element of Kudler Fine Foods. By presenting rewards and a good benefits package, it will encourage workers to make every effort to be the best asset in the workforce and also provide them another motive to want to come to work everyday. According to Casico (2005), Incentives are one-time supplements to base pay. Incentives are given out based on performance of specific workers that go beyond their day by day task. Rewards can also be given on a competition level also. Small competitions can be brought in to drive new products and items that are sold.
Workers benefits are also another inspiration for workers and knowing that the business they work for is supporting them by giving a wide range of unique benefits choices as well as good quality benefits. Kudler Fine Foods offers workers an option when it comes to how much coverage they desire for their benefits. Workers do not have to sign up in everything that is obtainable; they can sign up for as much as they want. Kudler Fine Foods places the authority in the workers possession when it comes to signing up for benefits. Kudler Fine Food has a great benefits package that offers: workers compensation, disability insurance, sick leave, unemployment insurance, severance pay, and other benefits. The above are all things that workers can choose from and there are a variety of different plans that are available as well so workers have a range to choose from. Health benefits are a plus for workers to have because not every business still offers health benefits, but a business that offers health benefits along with extensive benefits is another way and why to motivate workers to maintain their profession with Kudler Fine Foods. The management team is devoted to assisting workers advance their profession with Kudler Fine Foods because there are other profession prospects with the business externally of the store.
Employee Compensation
Workers will be recompensed based on position and knowledge in their attained position. Bonuses and rewards will also be assessable for specific workers that meet the requirements. Raises and promotions will be based on the workers performance in the work force. If a workers assessment is above average then they will be qualified at year end for an additional benefit, raise, and/or promotion. Kudler Fine Foods like to reimburse workers based on their position as well as work moral. The workers that push forward and go above and beyond their normal job duty and description will without a doubt be rewarded for working hard and accomplishment.
The author recommends reorganizing the meat department by establishing new jobs and filling them with accessible or new workers. These recommended modifications will not only benefit the individual worker, but the whole meat department along with the business. Workers will be more occupied and motivated. Also the manager will be able to assess properly a worker and keep away from errors.

Adventure Associates Teambuilding (2010). Team Performance Challenges Team Building Adventure. Retrieved from
Cascio, W. (2006). Managing human resources: Productivity, quality of work life, profits (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill, Ch. 9 – 16.
University of Phoenix. (2010). InterClean-EnviroTech Merger Scenario. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HRM/531 website

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Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary
Josh Grimaud
February 7th, 2011
Pam Gardiol

This paper will describe proposal for a new organizational approach regarding the management and structure of the new sales team. The paper will cover a new job description and qualification, a training program, and methods for feedback and employee evaluation. Also included are strategies for total team involvement, incentives and benefits, and career development strategies. Finally, a compensation plan will be covered.

Career Development Plan Summary
Restructuring a sales team, including the addition of new sales positions, is the perfect opportunity to review the way InterClean satisfies its customers, both internally and externally. The structure and operation of successful organizations is changing constantly, including changes in the role of every employee in the organization. Many of today??™s successful organizations are using more teamwork and less management to provide the highest level of customer service. The needs of employees are also take a new shape as a result of the diverse workforce in today??™s world, and organizations are changing the ways in which they compensate and reward employees.
Job Description and Qualification
The merger at InterClean necessitates the expansion of the sales department. This expansion includes a five-member sales team, with one member who is the supervisor of the team. Interview and observation of potential candidates are the tools used to fill the new positions. The process also includes the use of a job analysis of the new position to find people who are the best fit for the team. Greenburg and Greenburg (1980) found that approximately 20% of the salespeople account for 80% of the sales because they are the right fit for the job.
Job Description
The sales position description includes the following set of task requirements:
??? Following sales leads with new customers.
??? Satisfying the needs of current customers.
??? Communicating with management and the team regarding problems or issues.
??? Maintaining the knowledge of products and services available.
??? Assisting the team with problem-solving and conflict resolution.
??? Helping the team with large projects and other duties as assigned.
Job Qualifications
Qualified applicants possess the following characteristics and abilities:
??? Team-oriented; through understanding the infinite ways in which people are different, team members must be able to employ each other??™s skills and knowledge to maximize success and reach organizational goals.
??? Self-motivation; team members must be able to contribute to the success of the team with little supervision. Members must also take a proactive role in problem-solving and creating new ideas to meet customer needs.
??? Communication skills; team members must have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the organization and customers both orally and in writing.
??? Organizational skills; team members must demonstrate organizational skills in day-to-day activities.
Training Program
The training program for the new sales team must be in line with the goals and vision of the organization to facilitate success. All levels of management must support the training process, which is the ongoing focus of everyone on the organization. As suggested by Brinkerhoff & Montesino (1995), supervisors will meet with the team to discuss the training program and content, assist with setting training goals, and encourage team attendance and participation. To further promote the transfer of training to the job, supervisors need to play a key role in the post-training environment by providing feedback, encouragement, reinforcement, goal setting, and by ensuring that trainees have opportunities to practice and apply newly learned behavior on the job (Brinkerhoff & Montesino, 1995). Training needs to be continually evaluated and updated to ensure that it maintains relevance to the job and focuses on the company mission.
Team Training
Successful teams are those in which members know why they are working together (Cauldron, 1994). The team must understand their goal and how the work of the team contributes to the success of the organization. The team will receive training in problem-solving, communication, group dynamics, and brainstorming (Kirkpatrick & Kirkpatrick, 2010). Training also includes a brief introduction to other departments of the organization. This allows team members to have a better understanding of how the company operates and gives the team a greater appreciation for how employees in other departments contribute to the success of the organization. The team will also receive ongoing training in product knowledge and services offered by InterClean.
Individual Training
Employees need training on an individual level to work personal areas of improvement. Each employee creates a training plan with his or her supervisor, selecting areas in which the employee thinks there could be personal improvement. The plan also includes training in areas of the organization in which the employee has an interest in learning more about. The employee is responsible for creating a training schedule and for the completion of his or her training. The supervisor plays a support roll and provides the necessary tools for the employee to complete the training. This allows the employee to take ownership of his or her own training and creates a sense of self-worth within the organization.

Methods for Organic Feedback and Evaluation
Feedback is the process used to motivate, support, direct, correct, and regulate work efforts and outcomes. Feedback ensures that the manager and employee are in sync and agree on the standards and expectations of the work to be performed (Lee, 2006). Supervisors should give feedback on a regular basis through informal conversations, not just during performance appraisals. Supervisors should also solicit feedback from employees to see what they can do to help employee performance. Additionally, feedback should come from the customer. Customer feedback allows the employee and his or her team to see if customer expectations are being met and what can be done to continue to satisfy the customer. Finally, feedback should also come from fellow team members. Because team member feedback comes from the people who spend the most time with the employee, it can provide insight unavailable elsewhere.
Employee evaluations are semi-annual for individual employees and teams. Supervisors conduct individual evaluations with the employee to discuss a game plan for training, career management, and employee performance. Employees complete a self-evaluation form and discuss this with the supervisor who offers insight and assistance with the game plan. Team evaluations include peer evaluations between team members. The supervisor provides the team with customer feedback and any organizational information, such as sales figures, to aid the team in its evaluation.
Strategies for Team Involvement and Ownership of Performance Goals
The sales team is responsible for setting its own performance goals and making sure it has the tools and resources necessary to meet those goals. ???Teams should be given the power, information, and knowledge they need to work autonomously or independently of management control and direction??? (Lawler III, 1994). Because the team sets their own goals in line with the goals of the organization, the team will take ownership of those goals. Team members are expected to work through problems as a team, with the supervisor playing only a support role. Each member of the team plays a vital role in the desired success of the team, making accountability every employee??™s responsibility.
Incentive and Benefits Package
Because of the diverse workforce at InterClean, benefit packages will vary based on the needs of the employee. Employees can choose from a variety of benefit options ranging from health insurance to childcare. Each year that the company stock rises, all employees will be eligible to participate in an employee stock purchase program. Employees are offered the stock at a discounted rate. Employees who belong to a team that met or exceeded its goals for the year will receive an even greater discount on the stock purchase. Teams that come up with ideas that save the company money or increase profits will receive a one-time reward based upon a percentage of the company gain from the idea.
Career Development
Organizational investment into developing capacity and employability gives the individual a sense of being valued and produces a higher level of motivation and commitment on his or her part. ???This involvement enabled individuals to more proactively plan their careers, align their careers with the strategic direction of the organization, obtain transferable skills, and have more flexibility in moving upwards or downwards??? (Lips-Wiersma, 2007). Employees are expected to take control of their own career development. ???The focus is primarily on structure and bureaucracy getting out of the way so that employees can get on with accomplishing their personal career goals, which will in turn provide the organization with the flexibility and know-how it requires??? (Arthur et al., 1999). The role of management is to facilitate that growth by providing tools that each employee needs and to encourage development through constant discussion. The supervisor should also lead by example as he or she continually works on the development of his or her own career.
Compensation Plan
Employees are compensated in several different ways for their work and the work of their team. First, each employee has a base salary that is agreed upon at the time of being hired. As a team, there is a potential each month to achieve a gain-sharing reward. Employees of the team work in conjunction with management to create the criteria for the reward. Criteria for the sales team could include sales, number of new customers, customer satisfaction, and any other areas in which the team subsequently increases the profitability of the company. Gain-sharing for teams in other departments will include different criteria. If the team meets the gain-sharing expectations, then each member receives an equal monetary reward. All employees, including management become eligible for a semi-annual profit-sharing bonus. This bonus is based on the profitability of the organization during the specific periods, with 20% of company profits going to employees. All employees are eligible to participate in an employee stock purchase program, which allows employees to use a percentage of each paycheck to purchase company stock at a discount.
To be successful in today??™s business world, InterClean and its management must be open to change and new ideas. As noted in Deming??™s 14 Points for Management, ???organizations must put everybody in the company to work in teams to accomplish the transformation??? (Deming, 1985). Teamwork includes flattening the structure of the organization and removing the barriers between departments so every employee can contribute to the success of the organization. With the development of teams and the growth and development of team members, teams can more effectively accomplish the goals of the organization than individual employees alone. Creating a work environment that encourages teamwork and compensates teams for their efforts will provide better customer service and a more profitable company, as well as a better place to work.

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Fp 101 Insurance Matrix

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Appendix C
Identify Twenty Errors in the Passage Below
Review the passage below, which contains 20 errors. Identify these errors by marking each of the errors in bold, and make your correction in parentheses after the error.
Example: My cars interior is black.
This must be marked as follows: My cars (car??™s) interior is black.
The 20 errors are in the following categories: comma usage (six errors); question marks, apostrophes, and quotation marks (five errors); capitalization (six errors); and colons, semi-colons, and commonly misused words (three errors).
Why are great numbers of students choosing to pursue their college degrees using their home computers. (computers) Benjamin Franklin said; (said:) A (???A) penny saved is a penny earned???. (earned.???) This principle applies to the american (American) and foreign online student. Todays (Today??™s) students choose to take online courses to save money on transportation, books, babysitters (babysitters,) and supplies.

The fluctuating cost of gasoline in the united (United) states (States) is one reason online courses appeal to axia (Axia) college (College) students. They would rather cushion there (their) financial nest eggs (eggs,) than to spend money on replacing worn tires or risking icy road conditions.

Students also realize that a traditional college requires them to purchase numerous books however, (however;) online courses provide the majority of their course materials within the virtual classroom. A student may save hundreds of dollars on textbooks during one block of courses.

Additionally (Additionally,) online courses are convenient for parents and caregivers. College students who are responsible for children or aging parents must rely on outside help. An online student is able to avoid the high cost of hiring people to take care of their loved ones.

Lastly, an online student does not have to purchase supplies. Pencils, pens, paper, erasers, backpacks (backpacks,) staplers, and paper clips are all needed in traditional courses. The online student needs only one tool to complete their college degree; a home computer. A computer is an online students (student??™s) conduit to class (class,) and to all the materials he or she needs.

Franklin D. roosevelt (Roosevelt) exclaimed that, ???Happiness is not the mere possession of money.??? He wanted Americans to understand that the joy of achievement is the path to happiness. Yet, even President Roosevelt would agree (agree,) that earning an online college degree is a financially wise decision.

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Four Theories of Emotion

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Four Theories of Emotion
Psy 240
July 26, 2013

Four Theories of Emotion
The Four Theories of Emotion

The main theories of emotion are the James-Lange theory, the Cannon-Bard theory, the

Schacter-Singer theory, and the Lazarus theory. Each of these theories explain the order of

events that occur when an emotion is present. The first of these theories is the James-Lange

theory. Discovered separately by William James and Carl Lange. This theory claims that an

event first causes physiological arousal and also a physical response. It is not until then that the

person interprets the physical response as an emotion. An example of this could be shown when

we are sorry we cry, angry because we strike out, or afraid because we shake. Simply put the

physical aspects appear before we are aware of the emotions. It is not until we physically

respond to a situation that emotions surface.

The second theory of emotion is the Cannon-Bard theory, developed by Walter Cannon

and later revisited and expanded upon by physiologist Phillip Bard. It suggests that following a

chain of events: emotion-provoking stimuli are received by the senses and are then relayed

simultaneously to the cerebral cortex, which provides the conscious mental experience of the

emotion, and to the sympathetic nervous system, which then produce the physiological state of

arousal. Or simply that we experience both the physical aspect and the emotion at the same time,

not one caused by the other.

The third theory is that of Schachter-Singer., a two-stage theory that states that for an

emotion to occur there must first be a physiological arousal, and second there must be an

explanation for the arousal. Something must grab our attention and have a reason as to why it

got that specific response.

The final theory is the Lazarus theory, this states that an emotion-provoking stimulus

triggers a cognitive appraisal, which is followed by the emotion and physiological arousal.



Pinel, J. P. J. (2011). Biopsychology. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary- Kudler Fine Foods

As you all know running a company is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication to for the end results to be where you want them to be. At Kudler Fine Foods, our management team has been doing an excellent job; however, we are not where we need to be. As it was stated to me, my team and I have been restructured to how the previous midlevel management has managed things before. Managing is essential in this work environment as it establishes a foundation for your employees. I have done an extreme amount of research in which I have come up with different methods from the hiring process all the way to team appraisals. In this proposal, I have come up with different ways in which Kudler Fine Foods can benefit greatly. Although the outcome of these changes will not happen overnight, it will take hard work from all staff to make sure these methods are implemented properly.
The five new positions that will be implemented from here on out are; Director of Human Resources, Human Resources Recruiter, Lead trainer, Lead of finance and accounting, and Human Resources personnel. Each of these positions will hold different qualifications and job descriptions. Each position is detailed below:
Director of Human Resources:
Job description:
1. Developing and maintaining a human resources system that meets top management information needs.
2. Develops policies and complies with federal and state law.
3. Coordinates Human Resources activities, labor relations, compensation, benefits, employment, and employee services.
4. Oversees and approves all Human Resources activities before being carried out.
5. Supervise all Human Resource staff.
The Director of Human Resources needs to have a Masters in Business Administration with five years experience, or Bachelors degree with 10 years experience. The qualified candidate must have knowledge of state and federal employment law, and experience in training, payroll and recruiting.
Lead Trainer:
Job description:
1. Develops training programs for new hires, re-hires, and current staff.
2. Will be able to delegate all acquired information to different levels of employees.
3. Be able to assist each employee so they can reach their highest level of potential.
4. Coordinates scheduling for all trainings.
5. Ongoing coaching and mentoring to all employees when needed.
The Lead trainer will have a Bachelors degree and 5 years of experience in a training position, or an Associate??™s degree with 8 years of relevant experience. The candidate for this position will be able to conduct much training for new hires and current employees to assist them in excelling to their best potential.
Human Resources Recruiter:
Job description:
1. Will be in charge of conducting all interviews, background checks, and processing all necessary documents that are needed.
2. Developing plans for better hiring strategy.
3. Work with offsite recruiting companies in hiring qualified staff.
The Human Resource Recruiter will have a Bachelor??™s degree in Human Resource Management and 7 years of experience, or a Masters of Business Administration with 3 years of experience. The qualified candidate will be able to work with all personnel, and not be discriminatory in the hiring process.
Lead of Finance and Accounting:
Job description:
1. Develops and implements goals, policies, and procedures that relate to financial management, budget, accounting, and payroll.
2. Prepares statements and reports of estimated future costs, and revenues as part of a strategic planning process.
3. Plans and directs and the finance and accounting activities for Kudler Fine Foods.
4. Delegate??™s new hires salary and current employee??™s increases.
5. Work with Human Resources personnel in delegating compensation and benefits for employees.
The lead of Finance and Accounting will posses Bachelors degree in Accounting and or Finance with 8 years of experience. CPA preferred with at least 2 years of experience. The qualifies candidate will be able to perform their duties as well in assisting Human Resources personnel with compensation and benefits package for all employees.
Human Resources Personnel:
Job Description:
1. Assist with the main functions of lead trainer and Human Resources recruiter.
2. Strategize different methods to better implement functions, such as appraisals systems, and compensation and benefits.
3. Take lead when other members on team are not present.
The Human Resource personnel must have a Bachelors degree and 2 years of experience in the related field. The potential candidate must be able to take lead when necessary in performing different roles when needed.
The current training program that we offer at Kudler Fine Foods has done well, however, we want to improve it so all new and current employees can get all the training needed to excel in this company. The training programs will be based on the different levels. For example, new hires (policies and procedures), management, team leadership, and OSHA regulations just to name a few. The training programs will also be on a needs basis, so therefore if there are 5 employees who are having difficulties with administrative work or time management, then they will get training on that.
The objectives for the new training program are to develop the hard and soft skills that are needed to perform each task efficiently and effectively for all employees. After the trainings are complete, each employee will understand how to function on different levels in their field, and have a better understanding on how to implement the needs for their department. The training will not stop there. There will also be additional mentoring and coaching that will be continued throughout if needed, as this will assist these individuals to continue in delivering high performance.
When evaluating an employee or a team??™s performance a lot needs to be considered, such as; their performance, administrative duties, team collaboration, etc. When evaluating an employee??™s performance you want to make sure they have professional knowledge as it applies to their job duties. You want to make sure that the employee is aware of different aspects that relate to their field. You also want to make sure that their work quality is above and beyond. As a manager, you want to four see that the employee is producing the highest quality of work. You want to make sure that they exceeding the service that they are providing for the customers daily and that they are reliable and you can count on them for anything.
When evaluating individual or team performance you want to make sure that you are providing essential feedback. By providing feedback you are able to assist the employee in positively promoting good performance, or assisting them to better understand on how the employee can do it differently. Feedback is essential as it provides the employee to reach a higher level of performance. Feedback should be implemented daily so the employee or team can know their performance level on a daily basis. When evaluating team performance it can be tricky because you want to make sure that all employees are doing what is needed to exceed the goals that they have set. In a team, you have to work as collaboration, and therefore you do not want just one person taking on the responsibility for the team.
If an employee does not follow through the feedback that you are giving them, then they are not taking you or their job seriously. This is why all organizations should have a progressive disciplinary process implemented. A progressive disciplinary process is a form of corrective action that should be handled at the moment the employee is not complying to what their job duties entail. The progressive disciplinary action should be related in this manner:
??? Verbal: A manager should have a one on one with their employee. The manager needs to be able to provide constructive criticism, let the employee know what they are doing wrong.
??? Written: A write up will be demonstrated against the employee if their behavior continues. A form will be signed by the employee and their manager and will be documented in their file.
??? Conference: If the behavior continues, then a conference will be held with the employee??™s assigned manager, the director, and Human Resources Personnel. In the conference, the employee will have to implement a plan in which they will better their actions. The plan has to be approved by all staff that are noted in the conference.
When evaluating a team??™s performance, many challenges may occur. The difficulties that can take place relate to different levels of management on a team, pay scale, sonority, etc. A manager needs to essentially outline what appraisal system, results oriented or performance will be helpful when evaluating his team. While performance appraisals are simply based on performance, and mostly are not conducted properly, results oriented are based on numbers. It is more your hard work reflects. When working in teams individual equity should be looked at by all employees. What I mean by this is that a manager should take into consideration the salary that his/her employees make as you do not want your employees to feel uncomfortable when working with others.
A strategy to discourage social loafing will be to assign each team member a specific task for the work load that needs to be carried out. When assigning these tasks to each team member, it should be written down and given to the manager this way the manager knows what team member needed to do what. By using this method the team member would have to work hard in carrying out the task at hand. A team should be able to motivate one another as they all want to achieve the goal at hand. When a team is assigned each team member should speak with amongst themselves to see what their goals are as a team and individually. By doing so they are all aware of each other??™s needs and goals. For all team collaboration a team charter will be delegated, and must be filled out.
As we all know benefits are great way to obtain new hires as well as keep our current employees. The benefits and incentives package are:
??? Heath benefits- health benefits will go into effect thirty days after the employee??™s probation period has ended from their initial start date. The employer will be responsible in paying 27% of their medical benefits elected, while the other 75%, the employer will pay for.
??? Tuition reimbursement- Tuition reimbursement will be currently offered to all employees who would like increase their skills within the company. Employees need to be hitting their goals on a monthly basis and if not at least showing improvement, they must not have a drastic amount of missed days from work, and have at least 90 days in their current position.
??? Short term disability- Employees can opt to pay for short term disability. This is based on current salary from the employee.
??? Pension Plans- Employees have the option to contribute toward their 401k. Employees may start contributing money towards their 401k after 90 days of employment.
??? Vacation/Sick time- Vacation and sick time will be accrued every pay period for the employee.
Incentives will be either overtime, flex time, paid incentives, and a paid day off. All of this will vary depending on the level of employment that the employee is on.
When managing employees we want to provide the best work environment possible. For all employees to succeed we want to be able to make sure that we are assisting them to strive for the best. As managers we want to be able to make sure that the employees are receiving all the necessary trainings, coaching, and mentoring needed to excel in this company. It is important that if an employee wants to move up in the company that we as managers should make sure that we are assisting them in taking the right path necessary to reach that goal, even if there are no current positions available at the time. As a team we are diverse, whether it is from race, age, sex, etc. A cultural environment is a successful environment, and we want to continue to succeed in this. We also want to use proper terminology; politically correct language, and not stereo type, or assume that they might or might not know something because of race, sex, age, disability, etc. As a company that is moving forward in expanding, we want to be able to value diversity.
The compensation plans will be based on the employer??™s education, experience in the field, and time put in at Kudler Fine Foods. There will be no discrimination when it comes down to salary. Each employee will be paid on what they deserve. Every six months, the employer will be evaluated based on their skills and their job duties, this will entail if a pay increase will be merited.

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