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Frank and Blade Runner

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Texts reflect the changing values and perspectives of their time. Through the different techniques used and the extent to which similar figures and issues are presented in Mary Shelly??™s Frankenstein and Ridley Scotts Blade Runner, the changing values and perspectives of the time can be reflected in the pair of texts. The presentation of creators and creations in the two different contexts are representative of these changing values and perspectives.

The 19th century was a time of moving into industrialization, scientific research and exploration, with a large focus upon the reanimation of lifeless matter. The rise of Galvanism led to many new attempts to reach new grounds in scientific practices often with a creative arrogance that disregarded possible consequences. Mary Shelly comments on the neglection of consequences by presenting a naive creator, Victor, who is representative of the scientific leaders of her time. Shelly uses a biased and often contradictory narrator in order to question the morality of Victor and hence of scientists of her time. Victor claims his work to improve the life of humans, ???if I could bestow animation upon lifeless matter, I might renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption.??? Yet immediately contradicts this statement of selflessness with one of greed and glory, ???A new species would bless me as its creator and source.??? Shelly also uses multiple narrators in order to give the audience further confidence in their judgment of Victors morality. The focus on the naivety of scientists is contrasted with the view presented in Ridley Scotts Blade Runner.

In the 20th century, huge leaps in cloning and genetical engineering were taking place with successful attempts at cloning animals and also at modifying species. A famous debate about whether science is removed from social and political forces began between two of the most respected scientists of the early 20th century and it still remains to be resolved. Einstein and Planck argued as to whether scientists should be aware of the possible consequences of scientific development. Scott casts responsibility onto those who will not cast it upon themselves by presenting the world where science has taken over as a dystopia, devoid of natural light and inflicted with constant acid rain. Cloning has been taken to its extremes and the effect of globalization and industrialization exaggerated to their limits in order to comment on the possibilities of our current development. However unlike Shelly??™s perspective, Scott proposes that it is simply a lack of empathy, rather than naivety, which has lead to the dystopian future.

In both texts, the creator is representative of the leaders of the time but as humanity has become desensitized to horror, the creator has become desensitized to the horror of his creation. Victor is portrayed as naive within the creation of his monster, ???Life and Death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.??? Contrasted with, ???I cannot believe that I am the same creature whose thoughts were once filled with sublime and transcendent visions of the beauty and the majesty of goodness.??? Whereas Victor realizes his mistakes, ???how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge.??? Tyrell does not, ???Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell; more human than human is our motto!???. The contrast between the regret of Victor and the lack of empathy of Tyrell demonstrate the changing values of the time from being that of naive advancements to those of desensitized greed.

The different ways in which the creations are presented also reflect the changing values and perspectives of the time. The perspective towards scientific advancements has changed from possible accidental consequences of horror, to horrific creations for the goal of commerce; this change is represented by the development of the creations throughout each text. Shelly initially represents her Monster sympathetically as being intelligent and sensitive, but his experiences turn him into a dark creature. This accentuates the naively positive intentions of the scientific leaders of the time. In Blade Runner, the opposite occurs as when we first meet the replicants they are cast in the role of the villain, yet as the story progresses we develop empathy for their plight, at times seeming more human than human, ???All he wanted were the same answers any of us want??? This contrast is further accentuated through the qualites humanity possessed by Roy in comparison to the loss of human qualities of the Monster. The replicants are continuously presented as being more human than humans, such as in Roys stoic acceptance of his death ???Maybe in those last moments, he loved life more than he had before. Not just his life, anybody??™s life, my life.??? Scott is once again casting responsibility upon the leaders of his world to claim back the qualities of humanity lost to our creations.

As humanity has become desensitized to horror, the creator has become desensitized to the horror of his creation. As the possibilities of science have become the reality, the fears of Frankenstein become the life of Tyrell. This is how the two texts, Blade Runner and Frankenstein, convey the changing values and perspectives of their time regarding the same key issues and figures in both their worlds.

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Career Development Plan

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Cheryl Thorup
EDUC 4740
David Gomez
April 29, 2010

Article Response #2

Helping Students Research their Communities

As I consider the definition of a community, I think of a group of people who share a common goal, commitment, or activity. A community could be a group of people who share the same religion. It could be a group of people who share a similar culture, tradition or language. A community could even be a group of people who share common hobbies or interests.
Communities are interactive and are always changing; however, they define to large measure who we are. This article made reference to the often asked questions: ???Where do I come from and where am I going??? Everyone has a desire to share knowledge about themselves and their communities. It is our responsibility as teachers to learn as much about our students as possible. A mistake made far too often by teachers is assuming too much about the students in our classrooms based on their neighborhood, race, and class. We often let stereotypes interfere with the positive relationships we should be creating with our students.
I??™m eager to find ways that will excite the students in my class to discover who they are and the type of person they will become. This can be done by sharing family traditions, spotlighting different cultures, meeting members of extended families, reading books and celebrating who each student is. I know that as we allow children of all cultures to share family traditions and cultures with their peers, they will find greater confidence ad pride in who they are.

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Career Development Plan

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As many of us have heard, we have met many goals thus far. The merger with EnviroTech was successful, we have a new sales team, implemented a training and mentoring program, and we are embarking on creating a performance and career management plan to help assist employees in continuing successfully down this new journey. The creation of this new plan is to help us in alignment with the company and its strategic plan. The plan will assist our current employees in understanding their current performance rating and status within the company as well as what issues and skills can be acquired to improve in other areas of the job. The primary goal of the plan is to maximize the job accomplishments of each employee. This new plan is vital to the management team as well as the employee. Personal growth and development are only some of the benefits of this Performance and Career Management Plan.

Performance Evaluations will be one step to creating and implementing the new plan. Performance evaluations will be provided at the end of a 90-day probationary period. After the employee has had his first evaluation, the performance will then be done once every quarter. As a manager, it is our responsibility to coach, train, teach and motivate the employees to achieve their personal as well as professional career goals. To provide consistent feedback of each employee??™s performance, it is necessary to hold as many useful evaluations as deemed possible without creating any burdensome on the manager or the employee. During these evaluations, the manager and the employee will have ample time to discuss the areas of weaknesses and strengths of each employee as well as the thoughts of the team??™s weaknesses and strengths. The areas of the evaluation will consist of job knowledge, attendance/punctuality, quality/costs, professionalism, initiative, and teamwork.

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Francis Cugats Art Influence on the Jazz Age

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Being on the most eminent jacket art in history Francis Cugat??™s ???Celestial Eyes??? is without a doubt one of the most artistic covers. Little is known about the artist, Francis Cugat, who sketched this drawing for Fitzgerald??™s The Great Gatsby. Cugat was born in Spain in 1893 where he then moved to Cuba in 1903 with his family. Starting his career out as a illustrator Cugat moved up the ladder and one day made it to Hollywood where he was credited as a technical color consultant on sixty-eight films. When it came to the cover of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald had paid Cugat $100 in advance since he had liked his proposed offer. However, by the time that Cugat had finished with the cover of the novel Fitzgerald was only half way through his novel. Usually the artist conveys a theme or motif from the novel as the front cover, however in this case it was different because once the illustration was complete Fitzgerald stated that he had ???written it into??? his book.
Cugat??™s design of the illustration that he uses is an Art Deco-style gouache pair of eyes over bright lights of a city. The woman??™s face above the city has no nose, eyes with a pair of nudes being in them, a green tear, and three diamonds in what appears to be her hair which is styled in typical flapper fashion. This women??™s face in the sky is actually Daisy; symbolizing how she is Gatsby??™s dream girl while the city below symbolizes Gatsby??™s devotion to Daisy. For Gatsby every time he is reminded of the city he thinks of Daisy so he moves to the city and throws these huge elaborate parities in hope that Daisy would fall for him again.
After the end of World War I till about the Depression of 1929 America was going through a period called the Jazz Age also known as the Roaring Twenties. During this time period the rich were living it up with lavish lifestyles and endless parties and immense overconsumption while the poor remained poor. The reasons for this was that prohibition was in effect banning all liquor which is what cause all of these underground parities. Plus jazz influence had caused them to rebel against traditional culture giving birth to the flappers. Fitzgerald, in his novel, portrays the idealism of the Jazz Age in his novel; from long party scenes to illegal drunkenness of everyone. Growing up in this era himself, Fitzgerald incorporates much of his own life and real life experiences into this novel which adds to the plot of the novel. Relating back to the cover of the novel, the reader can sense that Fitzgerald accomplished this in the novel when Gatsby loses Daisy to Tom; demonstrating how what he once had was gone again and now only a dream or wish that he gets reminded of over and over again anytime he is reminded of the city.

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Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Part II Training and Mentoring
InterClean has now merged with EnviroTech and as a result, has taken on a new strategic direction. Inter Clean does not only sell cleaning products, the company has now branch out to sell full service cleaning solutions for the organization in the health care industry. With taking on new responsibility, InterClean was able to hire a new sales team and develop a new working plan that will help with the strategy of the new sales department (University of Phoenix, 2009).
Management team was able to develop a workforce plan to match closely with the demand of the sales team. To meet these demands management will have to set up training for the new sales team. Before management can set training he must first decided what are the training and mentoring needs, discover the objectives of the training and mentoring program, decide what are the performance standards, delivery methods, the content for training and mentoring, time frame, evaluation methods, feedback, and alternate avenues for the sales team who need further development. Management team will now decided on what training is in need for the sales team.
Management team had to determine the training needs of the sales department based on the job qualifications. The team knew this training had to align with the company??™s new merger and what was require for the new sales position for both merging companies. Management had to make sure the sales team was more knowledgeable about emerging issues in sanitation environmental regulations of cleaning and cleaning systems, and OSHA standards. Sales will need to understand legal environmental, safety ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings, Finally, the sales team will have to develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems-not just a patch work of tools and services that include products and process that meet the customer needs (University of Phoenix, 2009). By, knowing what the training is management will develop a training process that will align with what the company wants for the sales department. The training process is going to have to been done in different phases to meet the sales team needs. The first phase is the assessment. This phase serves as a foundation for the entire training effort. The purpose of the assessment is to define what the sales team should learn in relation to desired job behaviors. The second phase is training and development. This phase is to select training media and learning principles for the training program. The third phase will be the evaluation phase. This phase must provide a continuous stream of feedback that can be used to reassess training needs, thereby creating input for the next state of employee development (Wayne F. Cascio,? 2002). Now that management has determined training and mentoring needs, they must progress to the Objectives of the training and mentoring program.
The objective of the training and mentoring program is to identify what performance is necessary for the sales position and the business target. Identify the most effective needs for the sales team to complete the job. Attempt to identify the content of the training in order for the sales team to perform competently. Finally determine how each employee is performing the task that make up the sales position. Following these objectives will prepare the sales team to handle the clients request efficiently and effectively. Now that management team has developed the objectives for the training and mentoring program the team must move on to the training for the performance standards.
The Performance Standards provide the sales team with the specific performance expectations for each major duty that is considered necessary for the job. They are the observable behaviors and actions that explain how the job is done and the results that are anticipated for the job performance. The management team has set up the performance standards to align with the job requirements. These job requirements will help management be able to measure each sales person job performance. The performance standards for the sales department is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, keep the customers up to date with new cleaning and sanitation trends, standards, and regulations. Sales team will be responsible for mentoring new associates with experiences in sales, and complete up to 20 hours or more in training. Other performance standards set up for Management team will now let the training department know what delivery methods will be used for the training program.
Management has several delivery methods that can be used for training and mentoring. The first method is information presentation techniques this includes lectures, conferences, correspondence courses, videos, distance learning, interactive multimedia, intranet and Internet, intelligent tutoring, and organization development, systematic, long-range programs of organization improvement. Another method is simulation this includes the case method, role, playing, behavior modeling, interactive simulations for virtual teams, virtual reality, the in-basket technique, and business simulations. The last method is on the job training method that includes orientation training, apprenticeships, on the job training, near the job training, job rotation, committee assignments, understudy assignments, on the job coaching, and performance management (Wayne F. Cascio,? 2002). The delivery methods which will be used for the sales training will be information presentation techniques and on the job training. Choosing these two methods will demonstrate the desired skills, allow sales to participate actively, provide timely feedback on the training performance, and encourage positive transfer from the training to the job. These two methods will also allow the sales team to understand the material and mentor each other based on the information which is given. The sales team can learn from both of these methods at any time while working on the job.
The content for the training and mentoring program will be set up in categories. The first category is relates to the job and general and non- job relation training. This content will cover sales training and skill development consisting of updates on generating leads, responding to inquiries, growth the client base, establishing an effective tracking system, working with long-term clients, generating referrals, time managements, and stress reduction. Job related training will continue to cover sessions regarding updates to the current product line, new applications for existing products, products rolling out over the next year, and products to be discontinued during the next year. The next category is going to be Contract related and Leadership training. This content will consent of contract bidding, estimating contract cost contact, interpersonal relationship skills, how to give constructive feedback, setting personal goals, and managing office politics. The third category is customer service and communication training. The content for this training is how to answer the telephone, how to deal with customers, developing effective writing skills, and how to conduct research. The final category will be compliance and regulatory and computer software training. In the content in these two categories are sanitation, waste disposal, chemical usage, environmental cleanup, word processing application, and office integration software to provide the essential foundation skills needed to use computer technology in selling (University of Phoenix, 2009). The content for the training was set up by the management team now the team will decide on the time frame for the
The time frame needed for the material to be cover for sales team is five days. During the five days the management team will be able to cover the four categories. This time frame will help with the materials needed for the sales team to learn the job. The measurement which the management team is using to determine if the training was a success is the evaluation methods. The two evaluations which will be used to measure the success of the training is going to be surveys which will get information from the sales team and get there overall rating and observation of the sales team which will help with improvements for the next training section. Feedback is essential for the training and mentoring because it allows management team to improve the training and make changes to the process. The emphasis of the feedback should be on positive and negative based on the material that was presented to the sales team. Some alternates avenues for the sales team who need further development will be mentoring by fellow associates or more training classes.
Management team was able to come up with training and mentoring which helps the sales team meet the company objectives. The team Assess Instruction and derive objectives for sales. They develop the training and development phase which select the training media and leaning principles. Finally, the evaluation phase which develop criteria, monitor training and provided feedback. The training and mentoring program was a good success for our new sales team.


University of Phoenix. (2009). InterClean Inc… Retrieved October? 7, 2009, from
University of Phoenix, Week One, HRM/531.
Wayne F. Cascio. (2002). Workplace Training. Retrieved from
Wayne F. Cascio, HUM/531 website.

Week Three – Grading Guide
Note. This report does not need to be in APA format; however, students must include a title page and a resources page.

Career Development Plan Part II??”Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

|Content |Points Available |Points Earned |Additional Comments: |
|60 Percent |9 |X/9 | |
|Report clearly and effectively demonstrates the following: | | |?  |
|New training and mentoring needs | | | |
|Objectives of the training and mentoring program | | | |
|Performance standards | | | |
|Delivery methods | | | |
|Content for training and mentoring | | | |
|Time frame | | | |
|Evaluation methods | | | |
|Feedback | | | |
|Alternate avenues for those who need further development. | | | |
|Comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive content | | | |
|Organization / Development |Points Available |Points Earned |Additional Comments: |
|20 Percent |2 |X/2 | |
|The report is 1,400 to 1,750 words in length | | |?  |
|Paragraph transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow | | | |
|throughout the report | | | |
|Mechanics |Points Available |Points Earned |Additional Comments: |
|20 Percent | | | |
|Formatting or layout and graphics are pleasing to the eye (font, | | |?  |
|colors, spacing) | | | |
|Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed, and spelling | | | |
|is correct | | | |
|Sentences are complete, clear, and concise | | | |
|Sentences are well constructed, strong, and varied | | | |
| |Total Available |Total Earned | |
|?  |10 | |?  |

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Dunkin Donuts Case Analysis
Christen Perkins
Dr. Smith
Chain Management and Franchising- HTM550
October 23, 2011

When an individual makes the decision to become an entrepreneur they have a few routes available to them. They can either start from scratch, with their own business idea, or franchise from an already established company. The option of franchising is more of a safe route if done properly. Ideally if a business is franchising they have established a great business plan and how to run the business successfully. Most of the leg work is done and the most critical trial and error portion has been done alleviating risk from the franchisee. While franchising is a good option for those not as daring, it is important to know what to look for in a business when making the decision on which one to franchise from. This paper will be an analysis on Ramone and his franchising venture. This analysis will discuss the critical issues within the case with actions and rationale to address them, what Ramone needs to know before franchising, and what marketing mix Ramone should look for with his business.
Ramone has been interested in franchising for the last year and a half. After visiting a Dunkin Donuts he believes he has found the one he would like to operate. After raising $38,000 in funds he believes financially he is ready. In addition to Dunkin Donuts being the largest donut shop franchise in the world, it has the highest level of sales. Dunkin Donuts has a simple strategy of providing superior products, at the right price, in a clean atmosphere with great customer service.
Before franchising a Dunkin Donuts, or any business there are a few things Ramone most know. It is important for him to understand the nature of the franchising method of business. Like any business venture there are both advantages and disadvantages to franchising that Ramone needs to be aware of. Advantages of a franchise are the already established product or service, technical and managerial assistance, quality control standards, less operating capital, and opportunities for growth. Disadvantages to a franchise include failed expectations, service costs, overdependence, restrictions of freedom of ownership, termination of agreement, and performance of other franchisees. He also must be aware of the financial requirements that are involved with franchising. The costs of franchising include, but are not limited to; the franchising fee, reals estates costs, personal living and traveling costs, equipment costs, start-up expenses and inventory, and working capital.
Marketing is very important in establishing a successful business. Ramone needs to be fully aware of Dunkin Donuts marketing structure. The immediate marketing information that he should seek are, the marketing objectives, the threats and opportunities, target markets that have been established by the franchisor, the product mix, and the plans of action. The marketing objectives are established by the franchisor, in this case, Dunkin Donuts. The objectives listed will be based on the overall goals of the company. The threats and opportunities analysis is also conducted by the franchisor; however it doesn??™t hurt for the potential franchisee, Ramone, to do one on a local scale in his area. It will include the threats that not only the industry faces but the company as well. The opportunities will be windows of growth or new developments that can be established in the future. The target market is one of the most important components in not only the marketing aspect but the company as whole. The target market is established by the product or service being produced and the objectives of the company. The target market assists in advertising efforts because once established the unique characteristics of the various markets can be used. The product mix is important because it will give Ramone and idea of the different product lines being offered by the company. Besides donuts there are other things sold within the various stores so a clear understanding is needed. The plans of actions are established from the objectives and strategies established in other parts of the marketing plan. This is important for Ramone to know because he should be aware of not only what is intended to be established but how it will happen.
Selecting a marketing mix will be important for Ramone in the success of his franchise. Guided by the information from the marketing strategy of the company, Ramone should pursue a marketing mix that aligns with the overall company objectives but that are also relevant to his store location. The marketing mix is a set of controllable elements the franchisor and franchisee put together to reach the target market. To reach his target market Ramone must first ensure, with assistance from the franchisor of course, that the location of his business will be in an area where his product is in demand. The product must also be priced in an acceptable range. If Dunkin Donuts were to give their franchisees freedom with pricing, Ramone would want to make sure that his pricing matches his area. This can be done with income research, also during the marketing process. Overall ???The Four Ps??? of marketing is what will best help Ramone determine his marketing mix. The four ps stand for; product, promotion, price and place. Since Ramone will be franchising, most, if not all, of this information will be provided by the franchisor. The product of a company can either be an actual product, something tangible, or a service, something intangible. In the case of Ramone the product for him is mixed, he is selling and tangible product but also providing service while selling it. The promotion and price more than likely will already be established by the franchisor with some flexibility given to the franchisee. The place will more than likely be a joint decision by both Ramone and Dunkin Donuts.
The issues presented in this case were Ramones uncertainty of the target market for a donut shop, his lack of understanding for research for the marketing process or the how available Dunkin Donuts is in assisting, he is also unsure if the company helps with advertising and location selection. Ramone also had unanswered questions about the product line and the continuous effort put towards improvement of it. The issues previously addressed all stem primarily from a lack of knowledge. Most companies only offer general information on their websites and when intent to franchise is put in. Since he already knows he meets the basic requirements need to franchise with this corporation he needs to put in his application so that he can receive more information. Once his process is started he will be able to find out the companies policy on assisting with advertising and location selection. Finding out the information on location assistance should be his first priority because though he meets the basic financial requirements, without the assistance in not only location selection but the franchisor buying the land and financing the building, Ramone will not be able to financially move forward unless monies are obtained from elsewhere. Ramone also should look into receiving a personal loan for the purchase of land and building in case Dunkin Donuts does not offer any assistance. Ramones uncertainty of the target market and lack of knowledge on conducting research for the marketing product are also important matters. While making his inquires on his other issues, Ramone could also find out if this information is provided by the company. Since Dunkin Donuts is not only an established franchise but the lead in its industry a clear target market will surely have already been developed and readily provided. While the company will also most likely provide marketing research and assistance in that area it would be wise for Ramone to either enroll in marketing classes to gain better understanding or do research on his. It would prove to more advantageous for him to enroll in classes because of the guidance provided. It is important for Ramone to have his on understanding on marketing research because though he will be a part of an already established corporation this information is necessary on an individual level for continued success. Advertising again is information that Ramone will find out about as he advances further in the franchising unit. Again, since Dunkin Donuts is a large corporation that has already been established, advertising is probably already included in the agreement. Finally Ramones interest about the product line and continuous improvement are things that will be established once he attends the six week training program. Beforehand a general synopsis will be available, but the detailed information would be provided during that time.
In conclusion, the decision to franchise isn??™t one that can be made over night. Establishing a business is a long term commitment and a person must make sure to the best of their ability that they are aware of all aspects. While franchising gives the comfort of knowing a business has proved to be successful it is the individual franchisee who will ultimately determine the success of their unit. Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects in establishing a successful business. Ramone is off to great start on being a successful business owner and has good questions. However he must make sure he makes the effort to have all issues addressed and prepare himself completely to be a business owner.

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Career Development Plan

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Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was founded by Kathy Kudler as a gourmet grocery store, for shoppers who were looking for the finest meats, wines, cheese, and produce. Kudlers Fines Foods has three location throughout California, La Joella, Del Mar, and Encicitas and is looking to start a fourth store in Carlsbad, California.
As KFF strive to be successful and to continue grow the management structure has remained the same. Kathy is primary operations manager for all three stores, she is also the overseer of purchasing functions, and also keeps track of inventory at all locations, this is because there is no purchasing department at any of the location even though there is a standard purchasing procedure. I recommended that KFF hires five new employees, one purchasing manager and four purchasing clerks; one clerk for each store. I believe that it is crucial to hire a purchasing manager that can focus on considering prices, the quality of the product; the availability of the product, how reliable is the company that the products come from, and the technical support when choosing merchandise and suppliers. The purchasing manager will find the best deal for the company, this means that we will receive the highest quality goods and service at the lowest cost.
Job description and qualification for Purchasing Manager.
Job description
Purchasing Manager has a crucial role in the company??™s merchandising system that performs a wide range of customer wants and needs. The purchasing manager will be responsible for purchasing merchandise from wholesale company or directly from manufacturers that resale to the public. Purchasing manager will also have to determine which products will sell, for that reason they will need to know what will attract customers. It is very important for the purchasing manager to keep up with the newest trends by research using catalogs, trade journals, and industry and company publication. Purchasing manager will monitor competitor??™s sale activities by tracking advertisement and predicting customers buying patterns by following general economic conditions.
??? Bachelor??™s degree in business or economic
??? 2-5 years of direct purchasing experience
??? Exceptional communication and negotiation skills
??? Leadership Qualities
??? Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
??? Knowledge of the supply-chain management
??? Must know how to market products and identify products that will sell well
??? Must know how to research using the internet
Job description and qualifications for Purchasing Clerk.
Job description:
Purchasing clerk will be responsible for: forecast and planning daily, weekly, and seasonal purchasing needs, maintain records of inventory, create and execute a demand chart for hot items and identify products that are slow moving, prepare pricelist and reports for managers, meet with vendors, follow up on purchase order, make contact with vendor regarding missing deliveries. Purchasing clerk will also be responsible for inventory control in the maintenance equipment room, receiving and storage of store supplies, maintenance supplies.
??? High School Education
??? Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
??? 1-2 years office assistant experience
Training Program for new and current managers.
Having the capability of managing people can be a huge financial impact on a company. Kudler Fine Foods offers development and training programs, but there is ways to enhance the programs, to make managers are able to be prepared for their day to day responsibilities. I believe to have an effective management training program should consist of courses on the company??™s ethics rules, compliance codes, codes of conduct, and major employment laws. For the management training program I recommend communication skills training and leadership training. It is known that effective managers can be good leaders. Being a effective managers means you understand what leadership means, and you can do both job be a manager and a leader at the same time. Another key element is having good communication skills, it is important to teach managers about different types of communication systems. Public speaking is very important skill to have as a manager you should have master the communication skills of drafting department communication, handling one on one meeting, and public speaking.
Training program for new and current employees.
Once a person has been hired with the company a training period is needed, well trained employees are the key to a successful business. Even if the new employees are qualified for the job; the company??™s procedures and policies of the company must be learned.
KFF has developed a training program which will provide its customers with a courteous and knowledgeable sales rep and highest standard of customer service. All of KFF new hires will receive an orientation program; this will help the new employees be joined together with the company. This program will familiarize all new employees with the company??™s products, culture, policies and competition; basically it will give them the information needed to be successful in the company. Having an effective orientation program can make a significant difference in how quick a new employee can become productive. Along with new training, each of the stores offers regular workshops on products; this will familiarize employees with the products in their department. This will ensure that employees will continue receiving knowledge on new products that are being introduced to the store. In addition to the existing training program; I recommend the following training programs for all employees:
??? Ethics: Workforces can be so diverse that it brings a variety of values and morals to the workplace. It is important that employees understand the code of conduct, appropriate behavior within the company, and ethics code.
??? Leadership skills: Valuable leadership skills can answer and explain a problem, conquer challenges and discover new opening in the global economy of today.
??? Sales skills: The sales environment today is more competitive than ever and it calls for a business minded approach to selling.
??? Customer Service skills: With competition increasing it is critical for the employees to understand and meet the customer??™s needs.
??? Computer skills: Technology is changing very rapidly in the workplace and computers skills are needed to conduct administrative and office task.
??? Communication skills: Problems that occur in a company are from the employees failing to communicate.
Methods for evaluating employees and team performance.
Key elements to effective team building are performance appraisal. Performance reviews and appraisal are tools that KFF use to offer employees to use to help identify their goals and develop their career. While measuring employees and team performances is very important to make sure that everyone known??™s what aspect of the job is being measured. Use these points of views when evaluating employees:
??? Career and Advancement. Offer employees the opportunity to advance on the job through job rotation and high profile projects.
??? Development and Learning. Analyze strong point and weak points of all employees and see if new skills and knowledge will help employees reach higher level performance.
Establishing goals to make sure that your expectations are understandable and offering feedback can help employees perform more effectively, feedback will make them feel what they do is important.
???From an employee??™s perspective, lack of regular feedback about performance detracts from his or her quality of work life. Most people want to improve their performance on job, to receive constructive suggestions regarding areas they need to work on, and to be commended for things that they do well. The cost of failure to provide such feedback may result in the loss of key professional employees, the continued poor performance standards, and a loss of commitment by all employees. In sum, the myth that employees know how they are doing without adequate feedback from management can be an expensive fantasy.??? (Casio, W., 2006, Managing Human Resources, Ch.9)
Some helpful rules for providing feedback to employees are:
??? Be clear on what you are saying.
??? Be very detailed and avoid general remarks.
??? Be detailed instead of evaluative.
??? Give emphasis to the positive.
??? Concentrate on behavior rather the person.
??? Submit to behavior that can be changed.
Employees first employee performance review should be schedule six months after the employees hiring date, the second one should be schedule six months after the first one and then very year on the employees hiring date.


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Franchising is undoubtedly the most innovative and efficient form of organization yet devised to distribute products or services

In the complex world of business nowadays, companies always search for new methods which enable them to gain competitive advantages. A franchise is one of those effective ways to increase companies??™ profits. It is a business models that parent company, franchisor, authorizes their franchisees to sell their products and/or services. The franchisor controls the method of conducting business of franchisees such as manufacturing, sales, marketing and management to meet the parent company??™s quality standard. As stated in website (n.d) ???A franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol and individual or group wishing to use that identification in a business??¦??™.Why franchising is the most innovative and efficient form of organization We should look back to its history and then analyze its functions.

The first franchise

The concept of franchising has been around for a long time. The idea of selling off a part of business to expand into new market or maintain a major part of business usually came from the lack of investment fund from business owners. Through their creativity they were able to keep the business alive by selling franchise opportunities to the new entrepreneurs.

Younger (1995) noted that the first franchise system has been developed by Singer Company. In the 1850??™s the company manufactured sewing machines and sold them by creating a network of dealers. Singer provided retail system, trained and delivered the format of shop management to the dealers. Their franchisees, dealers, paid Singer a fee to work in a particular area and earned money for each sale of a sewing machine they bought from the parent company and then resold.

Their significant in the beginning of the franchise and the opportunities it crated came from the creation of the contract that is still used today between the original business owner and the franchisees. Nevertheless, even if the management of Singer system was incomplete, it can be said that it was the first prototype of franchise business.

The development of franchise

As stated in Wikipedia website (2010) after World War II, retail shops which had operated only developing products enhanced themselves to provide services. A&W and Tastee Freeze which their restaurants distributed in suburb of the US started ???Drive-In??™ system to serve customers who had to travel by car. This was a joint of the full format of franchise called ???Format Franchising??™ in the 1950??™s. Modern franchise was in form of franchise-based food service establishment. For example, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King, Baskin-Robbins, Kentucky Fried Chicken- -they all geared up and franchised out that finally National chains appeared.

Most people still assume that the McDonald??™s Corporation actually owns all McDonald??™s restaurants in the world. In fact, most McDonald??™s restaurants are owned by independent franchisees. As you can see, the Big Mac tastes the same in Thailand as it does in the US; the name outside look the same in Singapore as they do in the UK. However, if you notice each country??™s franchisees, you will see that it always launch new different taste for those people in the country such as in Thailand, we had limited edition of sticky rice-pork burger. Because of that creativity, this brought enormous profits to the franchisees.

The Model of Franchising

To be franchise business, franchisor and franchisee did agreement contract to do business together that contains 3 major parts as the following;

??? Franchisor promise to exercise significant control or provide assistance in the operation of the business.

??? Franchisor promise to provide a trademark, trade name, service mark, commercial symbol for sale or distribution of the goods or services

??? Franchisees promise to paid compensations which are Franchise fee (as an initial fee for starting its franchise) and Royalty fee (as continuing fee and the percentage of its total revenue.)

One reason for franchising success is its flexibility. Not only can this concept be modified to serve optimally as the distribution channel for various industries but it can also put up various expansion models. There are many different types of franchise available covering many different industries as The Franchise Business website (n.d) and Dewar-Healing (n.d) defined;

1. Retail Franchise

Retail franchises tend to be popular high street chains that provide either products or services to usually walk-in customers. A good high street location plays a bit part in the success of such franchises as a busy or popular site is necessary for customers to visit the store. One major factor in running a retail franchise is that it requires lots of customer interaction, and therefore excellent customer service is a high priority. Examples include food, fashion, printing and telecommunications.

2. Management Franchise

A Management franchise tends to include office based work, and will include working closely with businesses and organizations to provide either a service or product. This type of franchise is best for those with management experience and the ability to work with a number of staff. A management franchise often requires skilled staff with experience in administration and dealing with clients to ensure that businesses use a franchise and guarantee a set amount of business.

Examples include parcel delivery type franchise or other van based service franchises that are run from regional HQ??™s, depots and hubs.

3. Single Operator Franchise

A Single Operator franchise can take two forms. Both involve the selling of a product or service within a particular trade and require a certain degree of marketing to ensure that the public are aware of the services or products offered. One type of Single Operator franchise involves being out and about with the public to provide a service, such as car valet for example. In this case the franchisor will often supply all trademarked items including equipment, uniforms and vehicle branding. The franchisees will operate from their own van and provide valet services to all customers under the banner of a trademarked name. Another form of Single Operator franchise involves working directly with businesses rather than the general public. This usually only involves working standard office hours, and although the franchisee should be mobile most work can be carried out from a home office. Example of business sectors include cleaning, motorist service and repair/security systems.

4. Investment Franchise

An Investment franchise often involves investing large amounts of money into Business & Finance franchises without working directly within the business. The franchisees will employ a team of managers to ensure the smooth running of the franchise and will not have to work there. Take 7-eleven (Thailand) for example, the investors just only invest in capital and franchise fee of shops. The parent company has a management team and employees who will operate those shops without the operation of franchisee.

McDonald??™s: the Successful case of Franchising

When people think about success franchising, definitely McDonald??™s is always the first as prime example. McDonald??™s continues to be recognized as a premier franchising company around the world. As stated in McDonald??™s Website (2010) today, McDonald??™s is the world??™s leading food service retailer with more than 32,000 local franchise restaurants serving more than 60 million people in 118 countries. Of those stores, more than 75 percent are owned by independent operator franchisees.? 

Raymond Kroc gets the credit as the driving force behind McDonald??™s successful franchise growth. He did not start out as a restaurant owner, but as a milk shake maker, ???Multimixer??™, salesman. In 1954, Kroc visited the restaurant and was amazed at the speedy business operation that served so many people. He made a proposal to the brothers to let him franchise restaurants outside of their home base in California.? In 1955, Kroc launched ???McDonalds Systems, Inc.??? as a legal structure to run his franchises.
The first international McDonald??™s franchise opened outside the US in Canada and Puerto Rico in 1967. Since then, McDonalds has spread all over the world, with its largest franchise store featuring more than 700 seats opening in Beijing, China in 1992.
One critical factor that contributes to franchise success is a consistent commitment to standards. Because of Kroc??™s vision, McDonald??™s franchise restaurants became well-known. ???Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value??? was the company??™s first motto, and customers knew that no matter where McDonald??™s restaurants they visit, they could rely on those qualities of food and services restaurants offered. Kroc??™s brilliant marketing insights produced many winning strategies. He launched ???Hamburger University??? in 1961 to train all franchisees in every aspect of McDonald??™s management.
However, this chain??™s success also rests on another key component, which at first glance might seem contrary to franchising principles ??“ continual innovation and adaptation to market conditions. It is interesting to note that many of the new products added to McDonald??™s menu over the decades were developed by franchisees.
??? For instance, the ???Big Mac??? introduced in 1968 was the brainchild of Jim Delligatti, one of the earliest McDonalds Systems franchisees. The ???Egg McMuffin??? was developed in 1973 by McDonald??™s franchisee Herb Peterson. A Canadian franchisee invented The McFlurry in 1997.
??? In 2005, another adaptation to the times and consumer demand was the provision of WiFi with Nintendo in select locations; and delivery service in Singapore, where customers can phone in their order and have it delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company has also departed from its standard free-standing units, and installed quick service kiosks in busy places, like malls and airports.
Moreover, McDonald??™s was one of the first franchise restaurants to post nutritional information about its menu, and now offers salads and other healthy options in recent years. This show that the company ready to adapt their product reflect to market trend and response to customer demand.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising
As studied the McDonald??™s case above and the note from Daszkowski (n.d), we can conclude the advantages of franchising in term of franchisor and franchisee as follow;
In term of franchisor
1. Franchisors get compensation of franchising from the two types of fees: franchise fee and loyalty fee from franchisees.
2. Franchisors expand their businesses without using their capital investment.
3. Franchisors expand their band without having to deal with typical headaches of running the outlet themselves.
4. Franchisors obtain new idea of product and services, and the concept of business model from franchisees. Moreover, they can get customer feedback and demand via franchisees.
5. Franchisors can still control their administration and management of their shops to maintain their brand image.
In term of franchisee
1. The popularity of franchise business model has to do with its proven track record of success and ease in becoming a business owner. There is a higher possibility of success because a proven business procedure and solution already set. In addition, products, services, and business operations have already been recognized.
2. Financing the business may be easier. Banks are sometime more likely to lend money to buy a franchise with a good reputation.
3. The corporate image, trade mark and brand awareness is already recognized. Consumers are generally more comfortable buying goods they are familiar with and working with companies they know and trust.
4. Franchise companies usually provide business expertise (marketing and advertising plans, management guidance, financing assistance, and site location), extensive training and other supports to their franchisees in effort to help them succeed.
5. Many times products and services are advertised at a local and national level by the main franchise companies. This practice helps boost sales for all franchisees, but individual franchisees dont absorb the cost.
6. Some Franchisors provide exclusive rights in franchisee??™s territory. The franchisor will not sell any other franchisee in the same territory.
7. Relationships with suppliers have already been established.
However, Franchise business model still has some drawbacks for franchisee which need more concerns when selecting franchisor.

1. Costs of franchise may be higher than expect. As well as the initial costs of buying the franchise, franchisees pay continuing management service fees and may have to agree to buy products from the franchisor.
2. The franchise agreement usually includes restrictions on how you run the business. Some franchisors may require franchisees to follow their operations manual in order to ensure reliability. This limits any creativity on the part of the franchisee.

3. Franchisees have to be very good at following directions in order to maintain the image and level of service that business owner created. If the franchisee is not able to run a quality business or does not have enough funding, this could restrict success.

4. Franchisors may be negligent on their commitment to support the franchisee. Also, they may make poor decisions that would have a bad effect on the franchisee. As a result, it is vital to verify any franchise concept thoroughly before signing any agreements.

5. It is difficult to sell franchise. If franchisees would like to sell it, they must only sell to someone approved by the franchisor.


Franchising is undoubtedly the most innovative and efficient form of organization yet devised to distribute products or services. The concept of franchising has been over a century, but it is still fascinated by business owner who would like to distribute his or her products with limited capital.

Franchising concept first developed by Singer Company who produced sewing-machine. Nevertheless, it is well-know because many fast-food restaurants successfully implemented this concept over the world. The best example is McDonald??™s where franchisees have a right to create new idea of their menus, while the business owner can still control the quality of foods and services. McDonald??™s also ready to adapt themselves to marketing trend or customer demand in each country that enable them to success in every market. Franchise is not limit to food industry, but it can adjust in various industries such as retail shops, hotel chains, car rental, consultant services, and so on as divided into 4 types: retail franchise, management franchise, single owner franchise and investment franchise. Franchising has several advantages and some disadvantages that the person who would like set up his or her business by franchise model need to studied and selected proper franchisor before signing franchise contract.

All things considered, franchising provide the way to increase profits to business owners without new capital investment and also enable new entrepreneur to success in their business without using their know-how or doing any trials and errors in their business . Customers also satisfied that even if they travel to different counties, they can trust the product and service from the same brand. Therefore, Win-Win situation is occurred. Isn??™t that the point of doing business

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Career Development Plan

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Patricia Butts
University of Phoenix
HRM 531 ??” Human Capital Management
Adam Carr, Ph.D. – Facilitator
March 23, 2009

My assignment is to develop a career development plan that deals with the restructuring of my current team. The team will take on new responsibilities that require the hiring of additional personnel and training for new and current employees. Included in the proposal will be appraisal methods, compensation and benefit plans, and career development options. This proposal will be introduced to upper management to show how this plan will be designed and implemented.
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) was started out of a vision to provide a one-stop shopping experience for organic and gourmet foods at reasonable prices. Kathy Kudler founded KFF in 1988 with a mission to provide customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that culinary visions can come true. There are currently three gourmet grocery stores located in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, California. Kathy Kudler puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and offering them high quality foods and service that leads to customer loyalty. In order to help Kudler??™s managers prioritize and focus resources in a way that reaches the organization??™s objectives, a new sales plan has been implemented.
The purpose of the sales plan is to support the expansion of services and programs to increase loyalty and profitability of existing customers and to gain new high-margin customers. A new sales team has been implemented to carryout this plan. The new team will include a sales manager and three sales representatives for each store and one events coordinator. The objective of the sales team is to successfully implement programs designed to increase revenue and decrease costs. The events coordinator will work with each representative in developing and effectively presenting the new customer focused programs. The sales manager will oversee the incorporating of this new division into Kudler foods strategic plan to ensure the team progress meets the organizations objectives.
Sales Manager Job Description
??? Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activates
??? Staffs and directs sales team and provides leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability and growth
??? Develops and manages sales and marketing budget
??? Must be willing to travel

Sales Manager Qualifications
??? BS Degree in Business of 5-8 years in a sales management position
??? Extensive knowledge in gourmet and health food market
??? Strong communication skills
??? Strong leadership skills
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook

Sales Representative Job Description
??? Promoting and selling customer based programs
??? Analyzes situations and provide services to exceed customer needs
??? Ability to gain new customers and service existing customers though strategic selling skills

Sales Representative Qualifications
??? 3-5 years sales experience in food industry
??? Excellent oral and written communication
??? Strong customer service skills
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook

Events Coordinator Job Description

??? Plans, organizes, coordinates, promotes, and facilitates events
??? Creates and maintains schedule of classes and presenters
??? Works with sales representatives in targeting customer base for customer based programs
??? Requires some traveling

Events Coordinator Qualifications

??? Detail oriented with the ability to forecast needs of classes and socials
??? Creative and event planning skills
??? Excellent verbal and written communication skills
??? College degree preferred
??? Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP operating system; MS Word; MS Excel;
MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook


Training must be an integral part of any business??™ corporate strategy. Failure to include training can lead to poor customer service and low employee morale. The whole objective of training is to ensure that staff becomes more efficient and effective (Richardson, 1998). When this objective is, achieve employee??™s job satisfaction increases as well as customer satisfaction. The following is an outline of the training program I will follow to orient employees.
I. Obtain agreement and support form upper management ??“ Obtaining approval from these groups will ensure continued support and involvement when it comes for training implementation.

II. Identify objectives and develop training agenda ??“ Identify what is to be accomplished and what is needed to prepare employees to be successful in their jobs.

III. Set aside a regularly scheduled training time ??“ Instituting a regular time will help employees remember when sessions are scheduled.

IV. Add variety in training delivery ??“ Employees will appreciate the effort in keeping training fresh and interesting. Types of training will include classroom, elearning or web based training, and webinar training that will allow for employees who travel or telecommute to participate in training

V. Feedback ??“ Let employees evaluate training to allow for improving of the training.

Kudler customers expect to be served by courteous and knowledgeable employees, therefore; the training content is very extensive and thorough. All employees will go through the new employee orientation training with additional training according to position.
New Employee Orientation Training
??? Employee work guidelines and rules (Employee Handbook)
??? Compensation and benefits
??? HR compliance training
??? Workplace safety guidelines
??? History and of company and product knowledge
Additional training that will be offered on a continuous basis
??? Communication skills
??? Closing the sale
??? New and improved product knowledge
??? Customer service skills

Manager and employees will be encouraged to discuss goals frequently on an informal basis. Formal performance evaluations will be conducted quarterly to determine incentive pay and annually to determine annual pay raise.
Methods for evaluating employee performance can be done on the individual level or as a team. With individual performance, only the employee is evaluated and rewarded based on his or her performance, and with team performance, the team as a whole is evaluated. Team performance eliminates individual performance evaluation altogether. The goal behind team performance is to get rid of any negative impact of individual performance and to focus on improving performance as whole to benefit the company.

Team performance evaluations (US Office of Personnel Management, 1993)
??? Those employees who are low achievers may have a negative aspect on overall performance and might receive peer pressure to improve
??? Every employee is rewarded the same giving no consideration to individual performance
??? Incentives and pay raises may have to be based on other factors than performance all employees receive the same pay and eligible for same cash awards
??? Employees are coached to focus on desired behaviors instead of meeting quotas
??? Low achievers are encouraged to better performance through coaching and peer influences
??? Peer pressure is relied on for motivation of team members

There are times when an employee may need to be disciplined. It is my position to develop a progressive discipline plan that is equitable and consistent to handle unsatisfactory conduct in the workplace. All employees will be informed of what is acceptable behavior as outlined in the employee handbook. The offense will be dealt with in relation to the severity of the offense. Employee will receive verbal warning, written warning, or termination of employment. The goal of my program is not to accumulate bad reports on an employee in order to fire and them, but rather to align employee behavior to stated guidelines and to maintain control of the company environment.

Incentive pay is based on performance evaluations. Those employees who receive performance evaluations that meet or exceed company standards will be eligible to receive an annual pay raise. Employees who exceed company standards will be eligible for a 3% raise of their base salary, while employees who receive satisfactory ratings will be eligible for a 1.5% raise of their base salary. Those employees who receive unsatisfactory performance review will not be eligible for incentive pay. Kudler has instituted a store-by-store incentive plan. Incentive is tied to overall store performance, with employees receiving equal distributions of store profits. I have chosen to continue the use of their previously instituted plan.
This portion of the compensation plan provides insurance coverage to the employees
??? Medical
??? Dental
??? Vision
??? Life insurance
??? Sick leave
??? Flexible spending account
??? 401K with 5% match ??“ as profits grow will look into increasing
??? Business expenses reimbursement ??“ transportation cost, meals when traveling, and hotel.

Work/Life Benefits

It is important for employees to achieve success at home and at work. These programs will afford all employees to achieve that.
??? Workplace flexibility ??“ Employees will be offered flexible work hours and the ability to telecommute to accommodate family obligations or career advancement opportunities.
??? Paid Time Off (PTO) ??“ Each employee will be awarded 14 days of paid time off.
??? Paid Holidays
??? Tuition Assistance ??“ Each employee will be offered 50% tuition reimbursement for classes related to current position or for the advancement of that position.
??? Employee discount cards ??“ 15% off each purchase
??? Childcare reimbursement

An integral part of meeting optimal success in any business is to match employee potential and goals with the business need of the company. By building, a career development plan for employees will allow companies to (Chemini, 2006):
??? Minimize employee dissatisfaction over unclear future opportunities
??? Lower replacement costs when employees resign or retire
??? Keep employees focused on long-term objectives
??? Increase management??™s ability to cover employee vacations and absences with cross-trained employees

At Kudler, I have decided to implement a program that will allow employers to better understand the career interests, development needs, and potential of employees. Employees will meet with the sales manager to discuss current job needs and career goals. A plan will be instituted to outline any area of development and what plan of action will be used to gain skills, knowledge and experience to strengthen employee in that area.
Learning and development opportunities of employees are not to be viewed as entitlement but are based on employee interest and initiative. Avenues that will be used in developing employees are:
??? Mentoring and coaching
??? Workshops
??? Conferences
??? Webinar training
??? eLearning (self paced opportunities)
??? College degree programs (offset by tuition reimbursement)
??? Certification programs
??? On-the-job training

Managers will evaluate employee performance to provide feedback and guidance to ensure they are on a path that will benefit employee as well as the company.

It is important for management to develop a fair pay system that is compensates employees on efforts, but promotes a team atmosphere are well. Encouraging work as a group and not against each other would create camaraderie among employees, thus enhancing the work environment and increasing quality and quantity of sales (Shipley & Kleiner, 2005). The sales manager will be compensated $45,000 plus incentives, sales representative will be compensated $35,000 base pay plus incentives, and the events coordinator will be compensated $30,000 plus incentives. The sales representatives will be offered 10% commission if they exceed their sales goals by 15%.

This proposal is designed to layout the new sales department to Kudler Fine Foods. In order to help accomplish the 2007 sales plan, we needed a team with sales and event planning expertise. This team will allow Kudler to meet the new strategic sales objectives of:
??? New Customer Focused Programs
??? Better Information Management
??? Targeted Awareness Building
??? Increased Behind the Scenes Efficiency

Chemini, T. (2006). Employee development. Dental Lab Products, 31(6), 40.
Richardson, L. S. (1998). Creating value with a training program. Employee Benefits Journal, 23(3), 6-7.
Shipley, C. J., & Kleiner, B. H. (2005). Compensation management of commissioned sales employees. Management Research News, 2(3), 2-10.
US Office of Personnel Management. (1993). Evaluating team performance: A report of the working group on evaluating team performance [Brochure]. Washington, DC: Author.
University of Phoenix, 2008. Kudler Fine Foods virtual organization.

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Franchise Speech

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Franchise speech
Good Morning/ afternoon sir and fellow student??™s today I??™m here to talk to you about franchise.

Franchise is defined as a business where a franchisee pays for the right to use an established business??™s trade name and business formula.

A franchisee is the individual entrepreneur or business that buys a franchise and the franchisor is the seller of the business concept.

The franchisee is looking to buy a tried and proven business idea that has been developed by an entrepreneur who took the risk to establish the original business.

Franchising is very popular in Australia. Hundreds of new franchise systems are registered each year. many franchises are found in the fast food industry for example McDonalds Kfc and hungry jacks.

The franchisor remains some control over the franchisee to ensure the franchisee follows the operating system correctly. The franchisor will provide training and marketing support to the new franchisee.

Marketing costs are a key consideration when deciding whether to buy a franchise. The entrepreneur needs to answer the following questions: How much marketing is done by the franchisor and what financial contribution must each franchisee make to the market

How much does each outlet have to pay for promotion and advertising provided by the franchisor And. is there freedom to tailor marketing strategies to suit local markets or are franchisees locked in to the system

Other key considerations are:
It costs more to establish a franchise than a new business and there is the possibility of ongoing fees.

The level of training and support from the franchisor needs to be determined.
Franchisees may not be there own boss due to the level of control by the franchisor.

Franchise outlets may exist in many locations, creating competition between franchisees.

Fees payable by the franchisee need to be compared with the services provided by the franchisor. High fees will be worthwhile if the franchisor provides high quality and consistent support.

The track record of other franchisees will be a concern. In relation to the final considerations mentioned before, there may be a perception by consumers that the business is a chain system, which can affect good will.

The weakness of the franchise system is that a business is judged by the performance of other franchisees.

Before taking on a franchise outlet, the entrepreneur needs to find out about the interview and applications process for new franchisees. It is important that the franchise system is able to prevent
Individuals with poor managerial ability from acquiring a franchise.

The McDonalds franchise has been very successful started in Australia in 1971 where they opened there first restaurant in a Sydney suburb called yagoona. Know there is over 700 McDonalds restaurants across Australia.

Two thirds of the McDonalds restaurants are owned and operated by individual businessmen and women and the other third are run by company staff.

Well that??™s about all I have to talk about today thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed it.