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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota as an only child loved by his parents. After his father was fired from his sales job in 1908, Scott began to realize he didn??™t want to end up as a failure like his father. Molly Fitzgerald was Scott??™s mother. She had come from a very rich family and would borrow money to keep her family ???afloat??? and keep her son in the finest of prep schools. Francis soon realized that he wasn??™t like the other, rich children that attended his school. However, he found a way to fit in. He began to notice he had a gift during his early years of school. Francis could write. He began to make his mark in school by directing productions, writing plays, and even articles in the school newspaper.
In 1913, Scott was accepted to the University of Princeton. The New Jersey campus provided him with more popularity. He was placed on academic probation after his lack of study and failing of classes got him in trouble. During his sophomore year, he met a girl named Genevra King. He began to date her, but during the relationship, her father said ???Poor boys don??™t marry rich girls.???, so they broke off the relationship. Scott withdrew from Princeton because he was failing so many classes. He didn??™t succeed after all of his hard work and needed a new passage to succeed in life.
In 1918, the United States went to war in World War 1. He now wanted to go to war and gain more popularity and glory. As he went to boot camp in Alabama, he attended a dance. Zelda Sayer was 17 years old at the time of the dance. She had the same exact glow about her as Genevra did. People in the area knew her as a wild girl who loved attention. Scott fell in love with her because of her personality. Scott proposed to Zelda after he didn??™t see any action after November of 1918. He used his ability to write in an advertising agency for about $35 a week. After realizing the lack of money Scott had, Zelda had second thoughts about the engagement. Fitzgerald was broken, he drank for three weeks straight. However, he began to write and finish his novel he wanted to complete in college. After finding out that his novel had been accepted and would be published, he ran through his town telling everyone he had finally delivered. The book This Side of Paradise went on sale, and was sold out on the same day. Scott finally had the fame he wanted and worked so hard for. Now he had to do only one thing. He needed to get Zelda back and marry her.
After he had his daughter, Francis, he began to encounter problems. Zelda had an affair with a French aviator, and this destroyed Fitzgerald. After the controversy, Fitzgerald wrote his most famous book, The Great Gatsby. His newest novel failed to sell as well as his others however. Towards the beginning of the 1930??™s Zelda and Scott started to have more problems. After Zelda became a dancer, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Scott took Zelda to the hospital and other clinics off and on for six years. Towards the end of the 1930??™s, Fitzgerald began writing for movies, and began to have an affair with Sheila Graham. However, the affair was ended and Fitzgerald continued to lose his popularity. After suffering a major heart attack in December of 1940, Fitzgerald died. This was a major blow to his friends and family. In late December, he was buried at a lonely funeral that very few attended.
The Great Gatsby in my opinion was a great book that many different people from many different age groups can learn from. Even though it didnt make a big impact on the book market like Scotts other novels did, i think it was an instant classic. It was based in the 1920s, which happens to be my favorite part of history. It also dicussed different ways of life for different people. The people on the west side of the Railroad tracks acted differently than the people from the east side, which i can relate to having grown up on the West side of Bloomington, Illinois. Many of the events in the book excited me as well. When Gatsby throws his parties, many exciting events take place.
During the book, i never got bored of reading like i do with other books. The mentioning of different characters and their backgrounds kept me reading for more. Even though we were required to read this book, i felt as if i was reading it for pleasure. The life lessons that the book teaches were the most valuable part of reading the book in my mind. One that i can remember is just because someone has a lot of money, doesn??™t necessarily mean that they are happy with their lives. Another is not to judge a book by its cover, literally. When i first picked the book up i figured it would be another novel that was too hard to read and too hard to understand. I realized that i was wrong after reading the first two chapters.

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Ethics, Morality and Legality
By Tiffany Blas
Personal jurisdiction is an issue for those who post websites because they seem to be considered to be an interactive use of a website. When a website interacts with the customers to get their attention this allows them to purchase goods or services online and to enter into a linking relationship with the host.
? When you design a website for your company, you must pay attention to the information you are trying to create a website to produce more productivity for your business you may have a problem due to it being a website that is strictly an interactive website for soliciting business there is a concern with personal jurisdiction.
? When a court can pursue personal jurisdiction, they have to have an actual business transaction in that state with evidence where residents are targeted. Lets say a business had there company in New York and they had a purchase that was made from the website from Georgia because they offered there services in Georgia, but had not legal right to provide any services or goods nationally. The court can then proceed with long-arm jurisdiction.
? The court can exercise long-arm jurisdiction over a company who sells in a different state and has his business in another state and they don??™t have the right to sell, goods and services nationally, this is when the court can take long-arm jurisdiction action against the company.


Wolf, C. (n.d). Standards for Internet Jurisdiction. Retrieved from?

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Fitzgerald the Great Gatsby, Roaring 20s

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The 1920??™s was a time of financial prosperity and social revolution. It was otherwise named the Roaring 20??™s, a name for the innovation of the arts; jazz, art deco, dance, and literature. The arts were not the only innovations however; America was also experiencing social transformation that shaped the modern America of today. At the advent of the 1920??™s America had successfully transitioned from a wartime economy to a peacetime economy allowing the nation to prosper and encouraging opportunities for change. If I was to choose a book that best reflected the time period of its development, it would be The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald, by manipulating the setting, details, personalities, and traits of the characters, emulated the social standings and the increase of working-class women during the Roaring 20??™s.
Even with all the new innovations in the arts, the technology, and the business industries, the social changes was one of the most prominent innovations coming out of the Roaring 20??™s, although, the social changes did get help from the expansion of technology. The discovery of electricity, the telegraph, and most profoundly the automobiles, finally gave humans the ability to receive news and travel from distant areas, through the phone, and the TV. As a result of all of these discoveries, America was entering an era of Consumerism; it became very popular and appealing to show off one??™s wealth and ???class??? through superfluous material things: like cars, pets, houses, and mostly clothe. During this time, this was especially common among the richer people; many ladies even had multiple dresses for different immaterial occasions like breakfast and dinner. This idea was best played by Myrtle Wilson who ???changed her dress to a brown figured muslin??? to go out then who ???changed??¦ her costume??¦ attired in an elaborate afternoon dress…??? for the evening. Even though Myrtle is more of the lower class living in an apartment with a ???small living-room, a small dining-room, a small bedroom??¦??? and whose money comes from what is an ???unprosperous and bare??? car repair shop, because of her animosity for her current life and the desire for wealth, she has developed the mentality of rich person, which includes the excessive spending and even the ???impressive hauteur???. She best plays the consumerism age during the 1920??™s.
As a response to Consumerism, the nation??™s economy as a whole became affluent and profuse which in turn helps its residence. Some of those who were initially positioned lower on the social hierarchy were offered a chance to move up more into the middle class area if not higher. Many people were able to become wealthy through perseverance and hard work, and the nation as a whole benefitted from this success. Using the settings, personalities, traits, and lifestyles of the characters, Fitzgerald described this social standing as a major theme of his book.
His novel mainly takes place on the land masses: West Egg, East Egg, and The Valley of Ashes. West Egg ???the less fashionable of the two??? resided Nick and Gatsby whose house or rather mansion ???was a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville???. ???Across the courtesy bay the white palaces of fashionable East Egg??? resided Daisy and Tom whose house was an ???elaborate??¦cheerful red-and- white Georgian Colonial mansion???. Finally, the Valley Of Ashes was a ???farm where ashes grow??¦along an invisible track??? where the only buildings seen were ???unprosperous and bare???. West Egg could be considered as the new money; those who??™ve newly obtained their wealth through their work and perseverance. This is seen by the reader when Fitzgerald states that West Egg is the less fashionable of the two and that it possesses architectural structures that attempt to ???imitate??? the taste of the aristocrats. Furthermore, East Egg could be considered as the old money; those who were born into their wealth. This is seen by the reader when Fitzgerald states that East Egg is the more fashionable, calls it the white palaces which could be associated with kings and emperors, and then describing the house as a Georgian Colonial mansion, maybe deriving from the colonial times (old times). Then finally the Valley of Ashes could be associated with the lower class perspective. It is known when it is stated that it is ???unprosperous and bare???. Knowing the connotation of the settings we can now relate real concepts during the 1920??™s with those that would correspond with the region Fitzgerald writes. During the 1920??™s, America was finally beginning to be the dominant financial power of the world due to its economic flourish. Knowing that, on a larger scale, West Egg with the word ???west??? could represent the west or America. America through it rigorous hard work and perseverance had finally arrived at its time. It was now becoming the richest power in the world, was also beginning to experience more people assimilating into higher class previously unknown to them before, and imitating what they know and think the wealthy should look like using ???facts??? they know about the wealthy. Analogously, East Egg could represent the east or Europe. Europe has always been an existing power throughout the advancement of humankind and thus, able to represent the old money. Then Valley of Ashes could represent those who did not prosper at all or even suffered coming out of the Roaring 20??™s. Two types of occupations that did not benefit or upright failed during this time were the farmers and the railroads. The description of the Valley of Ashes could be seen as appropriate now; a ???farm where ashes grow??¦ along an invisible track???. The ???courteous bay??? could also be the Atlantic Ocean that serves as the gap that separated the old money and the new money??™s lifestyles and traits.
The lifestyle and traits of those who reside on the land masses also help portray the social standings during this time period. Gatsby holds the ideal identity of new money; his parties which were wild and lush ???went like moths among the whispering and the champagne and the stars??? suggested that that the newer money is more characterized by its wild extravagance. ???No wasting time at Shafters, No more smoking or chewing, Read one improving book??¦, save $3.00 per week, Be better to parents.??? This list was explaining details of Gatsby??™s daily agenda and hard work to reinvent himself for his dreams. Tom and Daisy are characterized by their old money for their stiff luxury. ???His family were enormously wealthy-even in college his??¦ unrestfully wherever people played polo and were rich together..??? Tom and Daisy their whole life have been flitting anywhere they desire to go with no real substance in their life beyond refining their reputation and spending money. The Wilson??™s who live on the Valley of Ashes are the lower class conditions. Myrtle as said earlier hates her current life and desire to be higher in the social hierarchy. Fitzgerald suggests that the both higher classes, the new and the old, are callous and impassive to those who are of the lower classes. Tom, slapping him jovially on the shoulder. ???How??™s business??? Tom is teasing Wilson because Tom feels superior than he is. Then the ???death car??¦ didn??™t stop; it came out of the gathering darkenss??? best shows the indifference the higher class exhibits on the lower class. Gatsby and Daisy ran over Myrtle Wilson without even stopping or staggering. They show the callous and tyranny they played on the lower classes.
With all of the new changes in the social department the 1920??™s also fomented the increasing role of women. Women were finally able to obtain financial independence and social mobility. Moreover, Fitzgerald best parallels this concept by controlling the characteristics Jordan. For an example, you could even analysis the name Fitzgerald makes for her, Jordan. When first reading the book and basically skimming through chapter 1, honestly, I thought that Jordan Baker was a man because of her masculine name. However, Fitzgerald intentionally gave her that name to depict women??™s role during the 1920??™s. Jordan??™s name is the most masculine name throughout the whole book, second to Tom Buchanan, which could also suggest that men were still the dominant sex. Even though this is true, the name Jordan still suggests the increasing female working roles at factories, offices, colleges, and even sports. This brings us to our second characteristic about Ms. Baker. Ms. Baker was a very famous and successful golf player ???because she was a golf champion, and everyone knew her name.” This shows Jordan??™s financial independence without a spouse and her social stature in her society.
So as it is Fitzgerald??™s work of the Great Gatsby gives us a glimpse of what it was like during the 1920??™s. He has shown us the change in the women society during the 1920??™s as well as the prominent changes in our social class. I bet your tired of me saying social class. I wish I could talk more about other concepts of the roaring 20??™s Fitzgerald depicts in his book but concerning time this is where I??™ll stop my presentation. Any questions

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Kristopher J. Walker
Lower Division Capstone
Professional Business Writing
Unit 1 Individual Project
American Intercontinental University

Professional Business Writing: 2)
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
I. History of Global Warming:

For many years the glaciers have been melting and gaining the worlds??™ attention.

This has resulted in the rise of over 6 in. in the sea level where as a hundred years ago it was

much lower. This raises the question as to whether global warming is a fact or fiction. Literature

on global warming is comprised mostly on intelligent discussion on having “too much caution on

global warming”(Nature, 1991) or “global warming is real” (Kerr, 1989, p. 603) rather than

fiction. Let me break? this down for you people, society is using to much resources and energy in

assuring ourselves that global warming is in fact an issue at all.

A) A driving force for the argument:

1. A debate that global warming is in fact a fiction. The top debate in favor of global

warming being fiction is the lack of scientific evidence connecting the emissions of greenhouse

gases as a result of human activity with global warming(Brown, 2010, p. 26). First and for most

any connection at all is completely uncertain and there is no proof.

2. A debate that global warming is a fact. Then we also have people in today??™s

that say global warming is a fact and say that society “have caused a number of environment

issues, such as global warming, ozone depletion, distinction of biological diversity, hazardous

wastes and acid rain, resource depletion and the destruction of ecological system, by overusing

and misallocating the natural resources” (Lee &Hseuh, 2010, p. 111).

Professional Business Writing: 3)
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

II. Argumentation:

When you think of global warming, you wonder if it is fact or fiction and you have to think of? what specific issues are causing the melting of glaciers and the fast and drastic changes in weather. There has been plenty of facts showing that they are melting and has been faster than glaciers did a hundred years ago, and all over the world in many locations. The weather is difficult to follow and predict. To include, the weather is becoming more violent and severe when there is have bad weather.

A) The Melting Glaciers:

In Argentina the Upsala Glacier has been considered to be the image of global warming

for scientists for a long time. The Upsala glacier, is over than a thousand years old, and is

revealing an abundant amounts of channeling, proof of melting (Balaguer & Kiernan, 2010, p.

30).Balaguer and Kiernan (2010) in their journey to the Lake Argentina around early 2010

expressed the journey as “We are traveling through “Iceberg Bay,” where Upsala??™s moraine has

been slipping piece by piece into the lake. Landslides and floating masses of ice confirm for us

the effects of climate change” (p. 32). Does it actually mean something to have knowledge of

what specific area to put the blame on

Professional Business Writing: 4)
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

B) Weather that is Difficult to Follow:

It has been proven that society has been going through a dramatic change in the weather

phenomena such as drought, deadly storms and heat waves. The phenomena we are experiencing

are now so typical that so-called “Hundred Year Storms” are now happening in some locations

all over the world every ten to fifteen this not enough facts for society to rush to find a

solution, rather than spending several amounts of money and resources in figuring out whom

and to blame

III. Conclusion:

Society, the issue is not deciding whether this is a fact or it is fiction, but rather figuring

out how to solve it instead of figuring out who to blame. It is obvious that it is a fact, because it

is happening right before our eyes all the scientific facts has been gathered and now we need to

buckle down and find out what we need to do. Once we figure that out then we have solved this

horrible issue that could end mankind or even worse end out planets existence. We need to

think? about our future and focus on society??™s well-being and not who to blame. Obviously we are

growing and technology is advancing rapidly and we should be able to figure out how to solve an

issue that is happening rather than deciding who is blame and whether it is real or not, because it

is the proof is there.

Professional Business Writing: 5)

Balaguer, A. & Kiernan, J. (2010). The Edge of Ice. The Americas, 62 (3), 30-39.

Brown, S. (2010). Global warming policy: Some economic implications. Economic Review -Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Fourth Quarter, 26-35

.Kerr, R. (1989). The Global Warming Is Real. Science, 1989, 243 (4891), 603.

Lee, C. & Hsueh, H. (2010). Green Industrys Sustainable Development and Governments Motivation Strategy. Journal of American Academy of Business, 16 (1), 110-117.

Nature (1991). Too Much Caution on Global Warming. Nature, 350 (6319), 541.

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Fitzgerald Creates an Aura of Mystery Around Jay Gatsby

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The novel, ???The Great Gatsby??? by F. Scott Fitzgerald, creates an aura of mystery around the character of Jay Gatsby from the very beginning. Many things suggest that Gatsby is both great and mysterious, including the title of the book, his delayed speaking role in the book and the way people speak about him. Although he appears to be and is referred to as mysterious and great, Gatsby appears to be normal and he may be described in this way because of the way people speak of him.
One reason that Gatsby is portrayed to both Nick and the reader as mysterious are the rumors about him. Before Nick actually meets him face to face, Nick is unsure about Gatsby. The only thing he knows about his neighbor is that he is extremely wealthy and he throws extravagant parties every fortnight. The first rumor Nick hears is at the first of Gatsby??™s parties that he attends. He is with Jordan and two other girls, who begin gossiping about Gatsby. One of the girls say they heard that Gatsby killed a man, while the other one disagrees with her and says that he was a German spy during the war (pg. 48). In chapter 4, a group of young ladies talked about Gatsby, calling him a ???bootlegger??? and also said that he killed a man who found out he was the nephew to von Hindenburg (pg. 65). This demonstrates the fact that many people know very little about him, and that many negative rumors about Gatsby are floating among the party guests.
Even though the book is named after Gatsby, Fitzgerald doesn??™t physically introduce him to Nick until Chapter 3. The title, ???The Great Gatsby???, has the reader wondering about what makes Gatsby so great from the very beginning. Leaving the reader with only an image and different rumors about him, Gatsby becomes a very mysterious and concealed character in the beginning. Once Nick goes to Gatsby??™s party, he realizes that the guests know little about him and it was hard just to find Gatsby. Nick finally meets Gatsby at the party but when they are talking, Nick doesn??™t even realize who he is talking to (pg. 52). After this, we begin to realize that there isn??™t a whole lot that makes Gatsby great but as he is introduced, very little is revealed about his past other than the fact that he went to Oxford and fought in the army.
Gatsby??™s past is shrouded in mystery and very little insight about his background is given to Nick. When Nick mentions Gatsby to Daisy, she says ???Gatsby What Gatsby??? in a demanding way (pg. 15). This hints to the fact that Daisy and Gatsby may have had a past together because everybody knows Gatsby but she still says ???What Gatsby??? in a way suggesting that she may know who he is. It is not revealed until later in the book that Daisy and Gatsby were once lovers and she was the reason Gatsby lives in his house and throws parties. Another part of Gatsby??™s life that hasn??™t been revealed is his business. Nick has lunch with Gatsby and Mr. Wolfshiem and the conversation that occurs gives the reader some insight to Gatsby??™s occupation. While they are having lunch Mr. Wolfshiem tells Nick that ???I understand you??™re looking for a business negotiation??? but Gatsby quickly tells him that Nick ???isn??™t the man???. Mr. Wolfshiem also appears to be a shady character after Gatsby tells Nick that he was the one that fixed the World Series in 1919 but that he was too smart to get caught. This also hints that Gatsby??™s money may have been acquired through illegal activity.
Fitzgerald uses a variety of ways to create Gatsby as a mysterious character, such as introducing him late in the novel, rumors and little description of his past. Throughout the book, we expect Gatsby to be great but it is shown that there isn??™t that much that is great about him.

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Businss Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends
Today, communication is an important factor in determining if a business will be successful. If communication does not exist amongst the employees within a business, chances are the business may be unsuccessful. Many businesses have implemented resources for communication that fit their needs. Communication is not only verbal; it can also be in the form of nonverbal documentation. Business communication is how a message is sent and or received. Most businesses depend on efficient and effective communication. Trendy business communications are an important asset for many businesses daily operations. With these trends business are able to generate tangible assets and build positive relationships.
In the banking industry, communication is very important to both internal and external parties. My daily communication includes face to face, phone conversations, emails, memos and daily reports. The role that communication plays in my day to day work activities is critical for me and my team to be successful. My daily communications are not just limited to interactions with team member; external communications are a major part of my daily activity. Without effective communication, the needs of my customers would not be met and my team would not be productive.
Current business communications are far different then those from the past. The demand for improved communications has caused them to change. In order for me to maintain organization in my daily routine, a very structured form of communication must be maintained. It is very important for me and my staff to communicate with everything that we do. Good communication in business is about sharing information in ways that is useful to my coworkers, and the customers when profiling to meet their needs. As a Financial Savings Specialist, it is important for me to profile customers by communicating with the verbal and nonverbal in order to determine what products are best suited for them. As the branch manager, communication is important to motivate team members and keep everyone current on changes within the organization. The forms of communication that I most often use are e-mail, written correspondence and verbal phone communication. Maintaining high levels of both internal and external communication help me manage my daily work activities, allowing me to provide excellent customer service.
Working for the same organization for more than 10 years, may communication trends have changed. As a new hire the only communication that was experienced was with immediate supervisors and customers. Important messages from upper management were received by mass faxing, which was very time consuming. Just as times have changed, so have the communication trends. Today all employees have email accounts allowing everyone to receive important messages in a timely manner. The fax machine is no longer used since we now have a scanner, allowing us to upload documents into our email. This new form of communication is far better. Email allows upper management to send email of importance to everyone in second. This form is considered to be the effective tool for conveying the information.
Communication is an essential component for a business to be successful. Without a good line of communication many misunderstandings will occur within the business that will cost the business time, effort, lost goodwill and sometimes legal problems and not to mention money. The current business communication trends have changed along with the advancements of today??™s technology.

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Fitts Law

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A total of 53 subjects (33 females; 20 males) participated in the study. All participants were Kinesiology students at NS University with a mean age of 20.9 (females = 20.5; males = 21.4) with standard deviation of 0.60 for females and 1.8 for males.
A total of 6 tapping boards were used each equipped with a stylus and 2 metal targets. The targets on each tapping board were of different size and separation so that the targets progressively became more difficult for the subject to hit. Attached was a hit counter that counted each tap made by the stylus on the metal targets. A digital stopwatch was used for the purpose of keeping timeof each trial. Lastly a laptop computer was used for the recording of data.
Task & Procedure
FIGURE 1. Subject??™s movement time, index of difficulty and line of best fit.
TABLE 1. Mean index of difficulty (ID) and movement time (MT) for all 6 experimental conditions.
The results indicate that as the index of difficulty increased movement time consequently decreased.
For the exception of 1 of the 3 related studies the literature appearsto agree with the findings of the present study. That is, as the index of difficulty increases,movement time speed decreases. Therefore, it can also be said that the independent variable (MT) does reliably affect the dependent variable (ID).
In Belkinand Eliot??™s study the mean age of subjects was 8.75 years, ranging from ages 6 to 11. The age of the subject??™s in the present study differed significantly with a mean of 20.9 years, ranging from ages 20 to 27. The amount of subject??™s used in the study also differed greatly with Belkin and Eliot only using 16 compared to 53 in the present study. The two studies did however have some similarity in terms of participants, that is both males and females were used with a larger female population amongst the subjects. The tasks differed greatly between the two studies. Belkin and Eliot had subjects attempt to hit a target 25 feet away using a hockey stick and ball. The present study had subjects hit two metal targets on a board as quickly and as accurately as possible using a pen shaped stylus. The procedure also differed in that Belkinand Eliot??™s study divided they??™re subjects into two groups, one concentrating on speed and the other on accuracy. The present study divided subjects into groups but all groups were instructed to focus on the same task. Furthermore, the related study was done over a 3-day period and had subjects do a set amount of trials before they were complete. Whereas, the current study was done in one day and trials were timed so that after 20 seconds participants completed the attempt.
Subjects in the study conducted by Duarte and Latash had a mean age of 32 years, which is significantly higher than the mean age of 20.9 in the present experiment. The study also used a significantly smaller sample sizeof just 10 subjects. The tasks of two studies were similar in that subjects were asked to hit a target as quickly and as accurately as possible. However, the tasks differed as the present study asked subjects to hit the targets with a stylus while in Duarte and Latash??™sstudy subjects were instructed to use their right big toe. The procedure of the two experiments differed in a number of ways. Firstly, each trial in the related study only involved one tap of the target compared to as many taps as possible within 20 seconds in the study conducted at NS University. Participants in the literature also had to complete 5 trials on each of the 6 different target distances. Trials were only accepted in thisif the error percentage was 7% or less compared to 5% in the current study. Lastly, subjects in Duarte??™s study were given practice trials before attempting the real trials, while NS students were not given the opportunity for practice trials.
After a review of the results from the present study as well as the literature itseems clear that the aforementioned hypothesis is correct. That is, as the index of difficulty increases the speed of movement times will decrease or as target size increases movement time speed decreases.
Belkin, D. S., & Eliot, J. F. (1997). Motor skill acquisition and the speed-accuracy trade-off in a field based task. Journal of sport behavior, 20(1), 16-28.
Duarte, M., and Latash, M.L. (2007). Effects of postural task requirements on the speed-accuracy trade-off. Experimental Brain Research, 180(10), 457-467.
Smits-Engelsman, B., Sugden, D., and Duysens, J. (2006). Developmental trends in speed accuracy trade-off in 6-10-year-old children performing rapid reciprocal and discrete aiming movements. Human Movement Science, 25(12), 37-49.

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Business Research applications Paper
Carrie Johnson
December 20, 2010
Michele Y. Burpeau-DiGregorio

Business Research applications Paper
I work for Federal Court for the United States of America. I work in the jury office and we have ongoing research in many areas. We are currently conducting research in the following areas behavioral research, cost analysis and market research.
The area of behavioral research is very important in our office. The state of Pennsylvania is divided into three sections and I manage the jury office for the Western District of Pennsylvania. One of the areas that we conduct behavioral research is responses to a jury summons. We have jurisdiction over 23 countries. We do comparisons from each county to non-responses to jury summons. We try and target that county to build our percentage to our summons. We also conduct behavioral research to see how jury verdicts are decided and what geographic area they come from. We also research income, race and gender. Our office needs to have a fair and true cross-section of every county in our jurisdiction. We recently went on-line with our jury summons procedures to make it easier to respond to the summons. The last piece of research we are currently doing is studying and analyzing the counties that have the highest and lowest percentage of filling out our summons on-line through our software called e-juror.
The research of cost analysis to our court is mainly conducted to see how we can save the court money. We are currently conducting research to see how we can become a more cost effective department. Our jurors are paid by a paper check. The research that is on-going is to see ways we can financially compensate our jurors by EBT or a debit card. The court just recently concluded research just on postage alone that results in mailing out checks. It would save the court approximately $100,000 if we deposited the juror??™s pay electronically. The area that is still under research is how the jurors that don??™t have a banking account will be compensated. The purposed idea is to issue debit cards that a juror could use to withdraw the money from an ATM. We will supply a pin number and then the card will be inactivated. The finance department is trying to work with local banks to honor our debit cards. A contract will be issued to the banking institution and they will supply the debit cards and handle the customer service aspect of it. Questionnaires have been issued during our research process to determine if the general public would welcome this change. The response has been overwhelming in a positive nature.
The last area that we have conducted research is the marketing area of our department. The main focus was trying to determine if the public would be interested in our online software to print documentation and fill out court summons for jury duty. The research was conducted and we implemented a software program called e-juror. The response was positive and the court invested the money to purchase this software. The postage paid envelopes we were using paid for our software within one year. The research in the marketing areas proved beneficial to the court and general public. It showed that both the juror and court as a whole saved time and money. The maintenance fee to maintain the software which covers trouble shooting and upgrades is still lower than the cost of postage.
The biggest area in the court system that needs research is leadership in management. The skills it takes to effectively manage people is lacking within some departments. Questionnaires need to be created to give to employees to get feedback on how they feel concerning leadership from management. Training in areas of effective communication and management skills need to also be offered on a regular basis. It would also be beneficial to address the questionnaires with an action plan to show employees that management is sincere and values their input. Once the areas that need addressed are identified and thoroughly assessed the outcome of the changes being successful is critically related to the implementation of an action plan. Yearly reviews and employee feedback is also critical. This gives the employee a sense of responsibility in the workplace. The moral in each department will increase once employees feel they have voice in change.
The second area in my organization that I think needs research is upgrading equipment that processes our summons and also checks in jurors. This day and age of ???go green??? the amount of paper that is wasted and not recycled needs major improvements. The process we utilize now is all paper when processing and checking in jurors. Our court calendar is also printed and hung throughout the courthouse. The research that needs done is looking at monitors to hang on the wall in the entrance and in the corridors of the halls with a running calendar for the day. The general public is always wandering around trying to find the correct location. This would help decrease these issues. Also, there are companies that build and sell Kiosks to allow jurors to have a more hands on approach to the jury process. They can check themselves in and print attendance letters without having to wait in lines. It??™s a benefit that would cut down on man power with the courts and also reduce time the juror is waiting around idle.
The third area that needs addressed through research is Human Resources. The research should be conducted to investigate software availability that allows employees to log on to their information and change benefits, request leave and change of personal information. This would allow the employee to manage their affairs confidently. Many issues arise that employees don??™t feel comfortable discussing. This would also save the court time and money. You could reduce man power needed to process such request. It also reduces the time to fill out paperwork and reduce the amount of paper that is being used. The cost of paper and ink involved in these actions would most likely pay for such software.
Taken all together, these improvements that have been implemented through research within the courts have been proven beyond beneficial to everyone involved. The research that I suggested would improve the moral and efficiency of all departments within the courts.

Brief, A.P. Dukerich, J.M., & Doran, L.I. (1991). Resulving ethical dilemmas in management. Journal of Applied Socail Psychology, 21, 380-396.

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In today??™s society, there has been a vast emergence of lifelong diseases which use the body as a host for their sustained existence of life. Therefore, it is the individual??™s duty to make sure that his or her body gets sufficient nutrients and physical activity. Physical activity is any bodily movement that causes the body to use up stored energy. A proper diet promotes a healthy lifestyle. It should consist of grains, vegetables, fruits, dairies and meats. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise have a negative impact on a person??™s self-esteem and general health; however, positively altering lifestyle practices will improve general health.

An individuals self ??“ esteem may be negatively influenced by his/her food intake and physical activities. The body??™s outer appearance can become distorted and obese due to incorrect eating patterns and exercise routines. Some unhealthy manifestations may occur in the form of obesity, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge nervosa. Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body.When someone becomes obese, uncomely bulges and flab??™s start appearing on various parts of the body. These flab??™s and bulges push the body out of its original shape and create an unsightly image. Individuals who are obese may in turn, possess very low self – esteem. This occurs because of the possibility of being ridiculed and scoffed at by the rest of the society not plagued with this unhealthy condition. Also, obesity can be manifested through binge nervosa which is a situation whereby persons over – eat in an attempt to suppress depression.

In addition, ones physical appearance can be affected by anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a condition where a person consumes a very small portion of food if any. This portion lacks nutritional value to the body as it is insufficient. Contrastingly, bulimia nervosa is characterized by overeating until uncomfortable, then as a counteractive mechanism for such action, induce vomiting, taking water pills, diet pills and laxatives occur ( Berkow, Beers, & Fletcher , 1997). The two conditions discussed above both reflect low self-esteem practices. Sufferers of these conditions try aimlessly to please society and in turn obliterate their personal feelings. The general appearance of the body is very important and even more so in the adolescent years against adulthood. No one wants to be labeled as too fat or too skinny. When people adorn themselves they expect to look the best in what they wear, having the perfect body to compliment.

However, an individual who is emotionally trampled daily by society as being too fat or too skinny will eventually become withdraw because of their low self-esteem. According to Homeier, a person with low self ??“ esteem won??™t make friends easily, is less in control of his/her behaviour and does not enjoy life as much. These individuals are physically unfit and this prohibits them from enjoying life to its fullest. They are also unlikely to be involved in an intimate relationship or excel academically.

Furthermore, a person??™s general health is at risk because of his or her lifestyle practices. Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise can impact on general health. Obesity can lead to several health risks such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart attack.

Diabetes is a disease in which the blood glucose level is above normal. Some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, frequent urination, irritability, blurred vision, itching and frequent vaginal infections. Most persons with diabetes tend to be affected by hypertension (S.Barnett, personal communication, June 21, 2007) (see appendix).

Over the years hypertension has been one of the leading chronic illnesses affecting both young and old. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the elevation of the blood pressure. It is called the silent killer because it doesn??™t manifest symptoms for many years until a vital organ is damaged. According to Anderson (1962), ???blood pressure is just as important to the body as water pressure is to the hose???. Readings of 140/90 mm hg or more is considered high. Hypertension is among the leading risk factors of developing a heart attack.

???Heart attack is the leading cause of death in the United States and is a major cause of disability??? (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007). Heart attack is caused by a blockage in a coronary artery. If the blood supply is cut off for more than a few minutes the tissue of the heart muscle begins to die. Some of the signs and symptoms of heart attack are discomfort or pain in the chest, upper body, jaw, back and shortness of breath.

An individual??™s wellness depends largely on one??™s diet and physical activities. Almost all chronic illnesses can be controlled by a healthy diet and daily exercise. Person??™s suffering from diabetes, hypertension and heart conditions can control these diseases by eating healthy. However, consulting a dietitian who will tailor a diet which consists of all essential nutrients needed for the body??™s optimal performance will result in successful dieting. It is the responsibility of the patients to maintain this diet. This would be easier if the patient become knowledgeable of the food requirement of the body and the relationship between the food intake and the energy expenditure.

Physical activities promote one??™s tolerance level and decrease the effects of diseases (Berkow, Beers, & Fletcher, 1997). Exercise is important in the body because it improves blood circulation, body image, reduce stress levels, expend energy level, provide diversion from eating and up lift one??™s well being. A person should find an exercise routine that can fit his/her lifestyle, regardless of how busy it is. Walking up the stairs at work is more beneficial to the body than taking the lift. Exercise is crucial to one??™s well being and should be encouraged.

In conclusion, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important because it could affect one??™s entire lifestyle. Adhering to a proper diet and physical exercise routine is vital in obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that starts during pregnancy. If you have diabetes, your body isnt able to use the sugar (glucose) in your blood as well as it should, so the level of sugar in your blood becomes higher than normal.
Gestational diabetes affects between 1% to 3% of all pregnant women. It usually develops in the second trimester (sometimes as early as the 20th week of pregnancy). Most often, gestational diabetes goes away after the baby is born.

How can gestational diabetes affect me and my baby

High sugar levels in your blood can be unhealthy for both you and your baby. If the diabetes isnt treated, your baby may be more likely to have problems at birth. For example, your baby may have a low blood sugar level, jaundice, or your baby may weigh much more than normal. Gestational diabetes can also affect your health. For instance, if your baby is very large, you may have a more difficult delivery or you may need a cesarean section. Gestational diabetes also increases your risk of developing preeclampsia, which is a condition that can be serious if left untreated.


Anderson, C.R. (1962 – 1966). Modern Ways to Health (Vol.2, p.484). Tennessee:

Southern Publishing Association.

(This book talks about a number of diseases in the human body and it explains in

details stages each disease goes through.)

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2007). Heart Disease. Retrieved June 24, 2007, from
* (This article which was sourced online crucial to my research as it focused on the topic Heart Attack to a great extend.)
* ???Globesity??? threatens Jamaica. (2004, July 08).
* Retrieved June 23, 2007, from
* 0500_62413_obs__globesity__threatens_jamaica.asp
* (This article which was sourced online was important to my research paper. It was about obesity in Jamaican and other around countries the world.)
Homeier, B. P. (2006). Body Image and Self-Esteem. Retrieved June 22nd, 2007, from

(This article was focus on the body image and its link to self esteem. How

important a person??™s body image is and the impact it has on them.)

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Format Ondernemingsplan

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

1 1.1 1.2 1.3 2 3 3.1 3.2 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.8 7 7.1 7.2 7.2.1 7.2.2 7.2.3 7.3 7.3.1 7.3.2 7.3.3 7.3.4 7.4 7.5 Algemeen Algemeen Achtergrond Doelstellingen en opbouw ondernemingsplan Management Producten/diensten Producten/diensten Ontwikkeling van de verschillende producten/diensten Doelgroep en markt Doelgroepen Product/markt combinatie Huidige klanten/prospects Positionering Marktpotentieel Concurrentie Marketing Promotie Prijsbeleid Distributiebeleid Organisatie Organisatie en personeel Bedrijfsvoering Kwaliteitsbeleid Wettelijke eisen/vergunningen Verzekeringen Huisvesting en overige uitrusting Juridische structuur Activiteitenplanning Financiele paragraaf Inleiding Uitgangspunten financiele prognoses Uitgangspunten voor de exploitatie- en liquiditeitsprognoses Uitgangspunten voor de balans Prive uitgaven Prognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3 Exploitatieprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3 Liquiditeitsprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3 Balansprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3 Prive inkomen en uitgaven Financieringsbehoefte Financieringsvoorstel 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 9 9 10 11 12 12 14 15 16 16 16

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


1.1 Algemeen
??? ??? ???

Inleiding (de aanleiding om te komen tot dit businessplan). Een korte omschrijving van de activiteiten. Levensfase bedrijf: prestart, start, overname, groei, doorstart.

1.2 Achtergrond

Een korte omschrijving van de achtergrond en activiteiten (diensten, producten) van de onderneming. Het waarom van de start van het bedrijf.


1.3 Doelstellingen en opbouw ondernemingsplan
De doelstellingen van dit ondernemingsplan zijn:
??? ??? ??? ???

leidraad voor de bedrijfsvoering; geven van financiele planvorming en concrete prognoses; verschaffen van inzichten in de financieringsbehoeften; communicatiemiddel t.b.v. externe belanghebbenden.

Het ondernemingsplan is in 6 onderdelen opgebouwd: 1. management; 2. beschrijving producten/diensten; 3. doelgroep en markt; 4. marketing; 5. organisatie; 6. financiele prognoses.

Pagina 1

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk



Kwaliteiten, kennis en ervaring van de ondernemers/initiatiefnemers en andere sleutelfiguren. Omschrijving van de sterke en zwakke punten van de ondernemers. Functie/positie binnen het bedrijf. Arbeidsduur en aandelenbelang in het bedrijf.

??? ??? ???

Pagina 2

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


3.1 Producten/diensten
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Opsomming en omschrijving individuele producten/diensten. Omschrijving op welke behoeften deze producten/diensten inspelen. Werkwijze en specifieke meerwaarde van producten. Innovatieve en onderscheidende (deel). Huidige status product/dienst: marktrijp, prototype, (door)ontwikkeling, pilot projecten. Bescherming (octrooipositie), exclusieve licentie, uniekheid product. Kernachtige omschrijving van de productaansprakelijkheid en algemene voorwaarden.

3.2 Ontwikkeling van de verschillende producten/diensten
??? ??? ???

Ontwikkeling nieuwe producten/diensten. Omschrijving van de nieuwe producten/diensten met daarbij een tijdsplanning. Groeiscenarios.

Pagina 3

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


Doelgroep en markt
4.1 Doelgroepen
??? ???

Doelgroepkeuze: concentratie op een doelgroep of benadering van meerdere doelgroepen. Omschrijving van de doelgroepen (bepaal daarbij eerst de belangrijkste kenmerken van de doelgroepen, zoals voor consumentengoederen: geografisch (o.a. woonplaats/regio, nationaliteit), demografisch (o.a. inkomen, leeftijd, gezinssamenstelling, opleidingsniveau, functie) koopgedrag (o.a. prijsbewust, merkbewust, kwaliteit) lifestyle (o.a. milieubewust, gebruik techniek).| Voorbeelden voor industriegoederen: demografisch (o.a. bedrijfsgrootte, sector, locatie), koopgedrag (centraal/decentraal), situatiefactoren (o.a. ordergrootte, noodzaak voor gebruik).

Doelgroep Kenmerken Doelgroep 1 Doelgroep 2 Doelgroep 3 ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.. Opleiding Nationaliteit Leeftijd ??¦??¦??¦

4.2 Product/markt combinatie
Door middel van een product/markt matrix kan worden aangegeven welke producten (omschreven in hoofdstuk 3) aan welke doelgroepen worden geleverd. Deze matrix zou als volgt kunnen worden opgebouwd:
Marktsegment Product Doelgroep 1 Doelgroep 2 Doelgroep 3 ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦.. Doelgroep 1 Doelgroep 2 Doelgroep ..

4.3 Huidige klanten/prospects
Omschrijving van de huidige resultaten: huidige klanten, omzet, belangrijke leads, offertes etc.

4.4 Positionering
Hoe wilt u dat uw klanten uw bedrijf zien Hierbij rekening houden met het onderscheid ten opzichte van de concurrentie en USPs (Unique Selling Points) van uw bedrijf.

Pagina 4

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

4.5 Marktpotentieel
??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Beschrijving van het marktgebied (o.a. lokaal, regionaal, nationaal, internationaal). Geef een indicatie van het marktpotentieel (de totale omvang van uw potentiele klanten). Het beoogde marktaandeel (het aandeel dat daadwerkelijk klant wordt). De verwachte groeiontwikkelingen van de markt. Algemene ontwikkelingen in de markt (wettelijk, economisch, technisch, sociaal/cultureel, Europees). Specifieke regionale ontwikkelingen. Omschrijving van hoe de organisatie inspeelt op deze ontwikkelingen.

??? ???

4.6 Concurrentie
??? ???

Omschrijving van de belangrijkste concurrenten. Beschrijving van het onderscheid ten aanzien van deze concurrenten; (hierbij is het belangrijk om een aantal eigenschappen te benoemen waarmee u de concurrentie met uw eigen bedrijf vergelijkt, zoals: kwaliteit product, marktaandeel, prijs, gebruik, naamsbekendheid, service, etc.).

Eigenschap Concurrent Concurrent 1 Concurrent 2 ??¦??¦??¦??¦??¦..





Omschrijving van bekende initiatieven van concurrenten die in voor bereiding zijn of te verwachten zijn. Omschrijving van potentiele toetreders. Omschrijving eventuele substituut-producten of de dreiging daarvan. Omschrijving van uw concurrentievoordeel Bijv. door toetredingsbarrieres (hoge investeringen, klanten, patent/octrooi etc.).

??? ??? ???

Pagina 5

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


5.1 Promotie

Uit welke onderdelen bestaat de promotiemix (o.a. google marketing, beurzen, radio/tv, free publicity, advertenties, direct marketing, website) en een omschrijving van hoe deze instrumenten worden ingezet en uitgevoerd (zelf of uitbesteden).

??? ??? ???

Welke boodschap wil de organisatie overbrengen Welke doelstellingen zijn er voor promotie Wordt de effectiviteit van de reclame gemeten, en zo ja hoe wat zijn de ervaringen tot nu toe Welke reclamebestedingen zijn er begroot (zijn deze gekoppeld aan winst, omzet, marktaandeel of is er een vast budget).


5.2 Prijsbeleid

Wat is de prijsstrategie (op basis van de prijs in de markt/de prijs van de concurrentie, de laagste prijs willen neerzetten, nieuw product dus hoge prijs??¦). Hoe is de prijs van het product opgebouwd m.b.t. kostprijs, winstmarge, kortingen en verkoopprijs Welke factoren bepalen de prijsstelling Hoe verloopt de betaalprocedure en wat is de betalingstermijn


??? ???

5.3 Distributiebeleid
??? ???

Hoe worden uw producten verkocht via: o.a. distributeurs, agenten, winkels, internet Omschrijvingen van huidige en potentiele distributiepartijen met de daarbij behorende hoofdafspraken.

Pagina 6

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


6.1 Organisatie en personeel
??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Geef de organisatiestructuur aan de hand van een organogram. Huidige en toekomstige personeelssamenstelling (wie vervult welke functie, vast/flexibel). Huidige en toekomstige taken en verantwoordelijkheden initiatiefnemers en personeel. Eventueel aan te trekken personeel (profielschets). Opleiding en training.

6.2 Bedrijfsvoering

Kernachtige beschrijving bedrijfsprocessen (o.a ontwikkeling, inkoop, productie- of dienstverleningsproces, distributie, verkoop). Omschrijving belangrijkste leveranciers van bovengenoemde bedrijfsprocessen en de daarmee gemaakte hoofdafspraken (o.a. betalingsvoorwaarden, exclusiviteit). Beschrijving activiteiten die door derden worden uitgevoerd (bijvoorbeeld boekhouding, facturering, service center, externe adviseurs). Kernachtige beschrijving van de samenwerking (o.a. duur, exclusiviteit).




6.3 Kwaliteitsbeleid
Geef een omschrijving van het eventuele kwaliteitsbeleid/certificering.

6.4 Wettelijke eisen/vergunningen

Omschrijving van de vergunningen en diploma??™s die u nodig heeft om uw bedrijf te voeren (Vakdiploma??™s milieuvergunning, vestigingsvergunning, horecavergunning etc.) Omschrijving van de status van bovengenoemde wettelijke eisen en vergunningen (o.a. vergunning toegekend, aangevraagd ??¦.). BTW nummer, KvK nummer.



6.5 Verzekeringen
Omschrijving van de verzekeringen die u heeft afgesloten/ gaat afsluiten tegen bedrijfsrisico??™s (o.a. rechtsbijstand, WA-verzekering, arbeidsongeschiktheid etc.).

6.6 Huisvesting en overige uitrusting
Omschrijving van o.a. de locatie, koop of huurpand, ontwerp en inrichting, faciliteiten en toekomstige wensen/eisen.

Pagina 7

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

6.7 Juridische structuur

Vennootschappelijke structuur; eventueel een tijdspad met beslismomenten voor de rechtsvormkeuze. Verdeling inbreng, zeggenschap. Speciale kenmerken.

??? ???

6.8 Activiteitenplanning
??? ??? ??? ??? ???



Realiseren businessplan Onderhandelingen Financiering Inschrijving KvK Etc.

Pagina 8

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk


Financiele paragraaf
7.1 Inleiding
In deze financiele paragraaf is gestart met de uitgangspunten van de financiele prognoses. Ten eerste zijn de uitgangspunten van de resultatenrekening behandeld, zowel van de omzet- als de kostenkant. Ten tweede zijn de uitgangspunten van de balans behandeld, zowel de activa- als passivakant. De prognoses starten vanaf ??¦.. en eindigen ??¦. In de afsluitende paragraven staat de vermogensbehoefte en gewenste vermogenstructuur.

7.2 Uitgangspunten financiele prognoses
7.2.1 Uitgangspunten voor de exploitatie- en liquiditeitsprognoses
??? ???

Verkoopprijs per omzetgroep (eventuele kortingen) en BTW tarief per omzetgroep. Aantal verkopen per omzetgroep in de loop van de tijd (incl. onderbouwing zoals aantal klanten, gemiddelde besteding per klant, bezettingsgraad, groeiverwachtingen). Betalingstermijn debiteuren.


Het kostenniveau in de komende jaren: Inkoopkosten
??? ??? ???

Opbouw van de directe inkoopkosten van het product. Onderbouwing van deze kosten. Brutomarge per omzetgroep.

Productiekosten Omschrijving van de opbouw van de productiekosten (zoals hulpstoffen en onderhoud machines), de hoogte van deze kosten en de ontwikkelingen daarbinnen. Personeelskosten

Benoemen type functies, het aantal (in de loop van de tijd) en bijbehorende salarissen (incl. vakantiegeld (8%), overhevelingstoeslag, sociale lasten. Benoemen van eventuele pensioenen, reiskosten, opleidingskosten, inhuur flexibel personeel en overige personeelskosten.


Transportkosten Omschrijving van type transportkosten en de ontwikkeling van de kosten zoals: autokosten (brandstof, belasting, verzekering).

Pagina 9

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

Huisvestingskosten Omschrijving van het type huisvestingskosten als huurkosten, energiekosten, schoonmaakkosten, verzekeringen en onderhoud en de ontwikkeling van deze kosten. Algemene bedrijfskosten Omschrijving van de algemene kosten als telefoon/fax, contributies en abonnementen, advieskosten, accountancykosten, octrooikosten, licentiekosten, opstartkosten als notaris, advieskosten, de hoogte van deze kosten en de ontwikkelingen daarbinnen. Verkoopkosten Omschrijving van de in te zetten middelen voor verkoop zoals de website, advertenties, reclame, brochures en direct marketing en de ontwikkeling van de kosten in de loop van de tijd. Rente Omschrijving van de rentetarieven van de huidige en toekomstige bancaire leningen en rekening-courant.

7.2.2 Uitgangspunten voor de balans
Investeringsbegroting Vaste activa Investeringsprognose en afschrijvingsregime

Geef de geprognosticeerde investeringen (incl. tijdsplanning en onderbouwing d.m.v. offertes) in vaste activa, zoals: immateriele vaste activa (goodwill, octrooi), grond, gebouwen, machines, inventaris, transportmiddelen, computerapparatuur.


Geef weer de afschrijvingstermijn per activagroep en de wijze van afschrijving.

Vlottende activa

Geef de geprognosticeerde investeringen (incl. tijdsplanning en onderbouwing d.m.v. offertes) in vlottende activa, zoals: voorraden (grondstoffen, gereed product), debiteuren, zekerheidsgarantie voor huur, kas, bank en giro.


Geef de debiteurentermijn en de omloopsnelheid van de voorraad.

Financieringsbegroting Financiering door Eigen Vermogen

Wat voor Eigen Vermogen kan worden ingebracht (zoals, inbreng: eigen spaargeld, eigen auto, risicokapitaal door bijvoorbeeld informal investors, verhoging prive hypotheek, achtergesteld vermogen (o.a. lening familie).


Wat zijn de voorwaarden van deze posten, zoals de looptijd, het rentetarief en de aflossingsafspraken Kunnen bovenstaande posten onderbouwd worden met offertes en/of andere toezeggingen, zo ja welke


Pagina 10

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

Financiering door Vreemd Vermogen Lang/Middellang Vermogen

Wat voor Lang/Middellang Vermogen kan worden ingebracht Denk aan hypotheek bedrijfspand, middellang bankkrediet, borgstellingregeling Midden- en Kleinbedrijf, leasing en lening overig.

??? ???

Wat zijn de looptijden, rentetarieven en aflossingsafspraken Kunnen bovenstaande posten onderbouwd worden met offertes of andere toezeggingen (van bijvoorbeeld banken of de Sociale Dienst), zo ja welke

Financiering door Kort Vreemd Vermogen

Wat voor Kort Vreemd Vermogen kan worden ingebracht Denk aan rekening courant, leverancierskrediet (crediteuren), factormaatschappij, nog te betalen kosten, nog te betalen belastingen.

??? ??? ???

Wat is crediteurentermijn Wat is het rentetarief van o.a. rekening courant Kunnen bovenstaande posten onderbouwd worden met offertes of andere toezeggingen, zo ja welke

7.2.3 Prive uitgaven

Welke prive uitgaven zoals huishoudelijke uitgaven, GWE, verzekeringen, rente en aflossingen hypotheek doet u de komende jaren Welke prive ontvangsten zoals kinderbijslag, huursubsidie en inkomen partner verwacht u de komende jaren Bij eigen huis: wat is de verkoopwaarde Wat is de hoogte van de hypotheek op het huis Welke andere schulden zoals persoonlijke lening, autofinanciering of studielening heeft u nog Benoem daarbij de hoogte van het bedrag en looptijd.


??? ???

Pagina 11

15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

7.3 Prognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3
7.3.1 Exploitatieprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3
Met behulp van bovenstaande uitgangspunten is de volgende exploitatiebegroting opgesteld
Exploitatiebegroting 1e jaar Omzet Omzetgroep 1 Omzetgroep 2 Totale omzet Inkoopwaarde Inkoop groep 1 Inkoop groep 2 Totale inkoopwaarde Bruto winst Kosten Personeelskosten Brutolonen personeel Sociale lasten Pensioenen Reiskosten/andere vergoedingen Inhuur personeel Opleidingskosten Overige personeelskosten Totale personeelskosten Productiekosten Hulpstoffen Onderhoud machines Verzekeringen Overig Totale productiekosten Huisvesting en inventarisatiekosten Huurkosten Energie en water Aanschaf kleine inventaris Schoonmaakkosten Zakelijke lasten onroerend goed Verzekeringen Overig 2e jaar 3e jaar


Het eerste prognosejaar wordt veelal op maand- op kwartaalniveau uitgewerkt, de daaropvolgende perioden op jaarniveau

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15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

Af: te ontvangen huur Totaal huisvesting- en inventarisatiekosten Vervoerskosten Leasekosten/autokosten Brandstof/Assurantie Overig Af: prive gebruik Totale vervoerskosten Verkoopkosten Reclame en advertentiekosten Verpakking en emballage Representatiekosten Beurskosten Website/promotie Overige Totale verkoopkosten Algemene beheerskosten Controle en advieskosten kantoor-/telefoon-/portikosten Verzekeringen Opening- en aanloopkosten Overige beheerskosten Totale beheerskosten Afschrijvingen Immateriele vaste activa (goodwill) Bouwkundige voorzieningen Machines/installaties Inventaris/gereedschap Computerapparatuur Transportmiddelen Overige Totale afschrijvingen Bedrijfsresultaat Rente- en bankkosten Rentekosten Bankkosten Totale rente- en bankkosten Gewoon resultaat voor belasting Bijzondere baten en lasten Belasting Netto resultaat

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7.3.2 Liquiditeitsprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3
Liquiditeitsbegroting Maand 1 Begin saldo rekening courant Ontvangsten Ontvangsten afnemers Financieringen Vreemd Vermogen Ontvangsten Eigen Vermogen Overige Ontvangsten Totaal ontvangsten Uitgaven Aflossingen Personeelskosten Productiekosten Huisvesting- en inventarisatiekosten Verkoopkosten Vervoerskosten Beheerskosten BTW afdracht Overige uitgaven Totale uitgaven Saldo rekening courant Maand 2 ??¦??¦??¦.

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15 november 2006 Ons kenmerk

7.3.3 Balansprognoses voor jaar 1, 2 en 3
Balans (Investeringen) Jaar 1 Vaste activa Immateriele vaste activa (goodwill) Bouwkundige voorzieningen Machines/installaties/gereedschap Inventaris Computerapparatuur Totale vaste activa Vlottende activa Voorraad grondstoffen/handelsgoederen Debiteuren Voorfinanciering BTW Waarborgsommen Kas, bank, giro Totale vlottende activa Totale activa Jaar 2 ??¦??¦??¦.

Balans (Financiering) Jaar 1 Eigen vermogen Spaargeld/eigen auto Verhoging prive-hypotheek Risicokapitaal (o.a. informal investors) Achtergesteld vermogen Totale Eigen Vermogen Lang vreemd vermogen Bankkrediet Gemeentelening/familielening Overig Totaal lang vreemd vermogen Kort vreemd vermogen Rekening courant bankkrediet Leverancierskrediet/crediteuren Nog te betalen kosten Waarborgsommen Nog te betalen belastingen Overige Totaal kort vreemd vermogen Vermogensbehoefte Jaar 2 ??¦??¦??¦.

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7.3.4 Prive inkomen en uitgaven
Specificatie prive Per maand Prive uitgaven Huishoudelijke uitgaven Inkomstenbelasting Vakantie-uitgaven Aanschaf duurzame consumptie goederen Gas, water, licht Huur Rente/aflossing hypotheek Rente/aflossing lening Ziektekostenverzekering Arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekering Overige verzekeringen Prive- gebruik auto Prive-gebruik goederen/kosten Alimentatieverplichting Overige uitgaven Totale prive-uitgaven Prive-ontvangsten Kinderbijslag Huursubsidie Inkomen partner Overige ontvangsten Totale prive-ontvangsten Totaal prive 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Jaarlijks Totaal

7.4 Financieringsbehoefte
Hoe hoog is de financieringsbehoefte

7.5 Financieringsvoorstel
Hoe de financieringsbehoefte in te vullen (o.a. bancaire lening, bbz lening, subsidies, eigen vermogen)

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Curriculum vitae Publiciteit Inschrijving KvK Octrooi-informatie Produktomschrijving, brochure Leveringsvoorwaarden, productaansprakelijkheid, algemene voorwaarden Belangrijke contracten Financiele informatie Overige informatie

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