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The Meeting of West and East

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Examines the philosophy of rational love in a poem by Parmenides and compares it with Herman Hesse’s novel, Siddhartha.
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Few Businesses Sprout, with Even Fewer Jobs

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Few Businesses Sprout, With Even Fewer Jobs

Few Businesses Sprout, With Even Fewer Jobs
The article that I chose to read and research was called Few Businesses Sprout, With Even Fewer Jobs written by Justin Lahart. The article discusses how there are a few small businesses that have recently popped up into the business world, which for our economy could be good, if only the new businesses offered more jobs, which would be ideal for job growths and innovation. As we have all heard about in the news, etc. we know that our country is in an economic downfall, and with majority of the companies having to fire the majority of their employees the only way to move on from this situation would be to provide more jobs for the people who are currently unemployed. A statement that was in the article that I read which would prove that our economy is trying to make more jobs readily available is that ???in the early months of the economic recovery, start-ups of job-creating companies have failed to keep pace with closings, and even those concerns that do get launched are hiring less than in the past. The number of companies with at least one employee fell by 100,000, or 2%, in the year that ended March 31, the Labor Department reported Thursday??? (Lahart, 2010). The question that is on everyone??™s mind is, is there a way to dig us out of this rut that we have gotten ourselves into
The article goes on to discuss how smaller businesses opening up is having an impact on the economy by roughly making 2.3 million jobs available, but the only problem is for how long Recently, I was watching the news and they had done research and surveys in regards to how smaller businesses have no chance at surviving in this economy today, so if the smaller jobs are providing a lot of jobs but not being able to stay in business what is the point of spending thousands of dollars to open a business to potentially find failure Due to the economic downfall and scarce funding, it makes it hard for researchers to do their job and try to find ways around the money issues, especially researchers who are trying to find new innovations that would be better than what we are using now, but cannot afford to make prototypes to show their interested investors. Another issue that small business owners have found is that it is hard to hire employees, when they barely have money to run their own business.
After reading the article and learning about specific people who are reaching out for economic relief to run their business, it makes you realize that there are millions of people out there trying to find ways to make money, or start a business that could be the one to take off. There needs to be more research on to what will really work, and ways to work around the downfall and achieve people??™s own company goals. The shocking thing is that there are potential companies that are struggling right now that could actually do our economy good, and they can??™t get their voices out there because of the scarce money.

Works Cited
Lahart, J. (2010, November 18). Few Businesses Sprout, With Even Fewer Jobs. Retrieved January 12, 2011, from Wall Street Journal:

Analysis of Cruzan Case and Schiavo Case

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Thomas Jefferson

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A biography of the life and career of Thomas Jefferson.
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Surrealism and Photography

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Examines how photography and the camera affected surrealistic art in the 20th century.
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Samuel Barber And The American Audience

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Explores the musical style of composer, Samuel Barber and his post-World War I American audience.
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Business Communication

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Student Name : Fahmid Ferdous
Student ID : 0003MSOT0611
Topic : Communication Breakdown
To : Mr. Kamal Hossain


I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my lecturer Mr. Kamal Hossain for the support and guidance he showed me throughout my report writing as well as our institution London School of Commerce which gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful report on the topic barriers to communication, which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and I came to know about so many new things.
Secondly, I am also truly indebted and thankful to my parents and my classmates who boosted me morally and provided me great information resources in finishing this project within the limited time.
I am making this project not only for marks but to also increase my knowledge.

Executive Summary

Warid Telecom International acquired a 15 year GSM authorization to operate as the sixth mobile phone operator in Bangladesh in December 2005 and they spent US$ 750 million. From the middle of 2006, Warid Bangladesh started working on its network and on May 10, 2007, they launched commercial operations covering 26 districts. It uses code 16 preceded by the code number of Bangladesh +880. Within 70 days of launching, Warid Bangladesh got hold of a million subscribers.
On Jan 4, 2010, Warid Telecom sold 70% of its stake in Bangladesh operations to India??™s Bharti Airtel for US$ 300 million receiving regulatory approval from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).
From December 20, 2010, Warid Telecom was rebranded to Airtel.

Table of contents

Introduction 5
Analysis 6
Difference in perception 6
Language Difference 6
Sixth telecommunication operator 6
Lack of knowledge 6
Business strategies in Bangladesh 6
Lower economy of Bangladeshi people 6
Lack of interest 6
Not Proper Advertisement 6
People are not used to with the product 6
Difficulties with self-expression 7
Only 26 districts was covering their network 7
Customer care service was not that good 7
Conclusion and recommendation 8
References 9


The plan of Warid Telecom was to be professed not only as a telecommunication operator of voice services, but also as a universal provider of comprehensive communication services for both residential and business customers. They strived to supply the finest level of support and care through their highly skilled and motivated team of professionals and through maximum network coverage and connectivity.
But due to some barriers to communication they cannot survive in the competitive telecommunication market of Bangladesh. They have bound to sell 70% of their shares to the Indian biggest telecommunication company Airtel. The main facts of this communication breakdown of Warid Telecom are,
* Difference in perception
* Lack of knowledge
* Lack of interest
* Difficulties with self-expression


Difference in perception
* Language Difference
It is difficult to communicate with someone of different language. When Warid Telecom First launched their Prepaid and Postpaid packages, they named it Zemas prepaid package and Zahi as postpaid package. It is very difficult for Bangladeshi people to understand the meaning of these two words. So people were less interested to buy these packages.
* Sixth telecommunication operator
Warid Telecom was not the first telecommunication operator in Bangladesh. There were five more telecommunication company was already providing their services to the people. It is not that much profitable to do business with the same product in a running market. Warid Telecom did this mistake.

Lack of knowledge
* Business strategies in Bangladesh
Business strategies vary from country to country. When Warid Telecom came to Bangladesh, they were not clear about the business strategies in Bangladesh. So they could not make profit from their business.
* Lower economy of Bangladeshi people
The income of general Bangladeshi people is very low. Most of the people in our country use prepaid cell phone connection. When Warid Telecom first launched their product, they cost BDT 700 for each connection. On that time, the leading telecommunication companies such as Grameenphone, Aktel and Banglalink provided BDT 150 for each connection. Though, The Warid Telecom??™s had a cheap call rate, but it is difficult for the Bangladeshi people to spend BDT 700 for a connection at a time.

Lack of interest
* Not Proper Advertisement
Warid Telecom never broadcasted attractive advertisement. So the people were never being interested on this cell phone line.
* People are not used to with the product
In our country, people want to be attached with their family and friends. So they do not want to change their number. As Warid Telecom was the sixth telecommunication company, they could not convince the people to buy their product.

Difficulties with self-expression
* Only 26 districts was covering their network
Bangladesh is a country of 64 districts. Warid Telecom covered only 26 of those districts, which was very poor.
* Customer care service was not that good
Warid Telecom did not provide 24X7 customer care services. Also, the customer care managers were not that much well behaved.

Conclusion and recommendation

Due to these barriers, Warid Telecom could not make their expected profit from the telecommunication business from Bangladesh. Finally, they had to sale 70% of their shares to the Indian biggest telecommunication company Airtel.


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The Advantages of the Corrections System

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